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Top Places To Start A/B Testing

A/B and MVT tests are a great way to find out what works, but sometimes it is difficult to find the best place to start testing! Here are my top test pages that nearly every industry should test.

1. Search Results Pages


The search results page is one of the best opportunity pages on your site! Think about it: your user has turned from a passive viewer to an active participant. Take advantage of this and optimize these results to increase conversions!

Before you start running any tests on the search page layout, number of shown results, and other page layout changes; you need to make sure your search results are shown quickly and accurately. Visitors who use search are more likely to convert if and only if they see the results they are looking for on page one. If a visitor can’t find what they are looking for, they’re gone!

2. Thank You Page

I’ve said it many times, but the Thank You page has tons of opportunity to help lift sales or gather more information. If you currently aren’t using your thank you page to sell more, you should start immediately. Rather than wasting a variation on whether adding an offer to your Thank You page will help conversions, I recommend just testing multiple offers.

This Thank You page does just about everything wrong. Even if you don’t want to push for more sales, you should incentivize the visitor to interact more with your site. Don’t turn your Thank You page into a dead end, give your visitors more to do and they will.


3. Checkout Page

The checkout page is a great page to begin testing for two reasons:

1. This is your most qualified traffic

2. The conversion activity is much easier to monetize

This being the case, don’t lose these visitors due to a bad checkout page!

The visitor on your checkout page is at one of their highest levels of anxiety of the online shopping process. This is where a logical design flow, professional design, security seals, privacy policies, and clear shipping/return policies should be optimized. If you reduce confusion and anxiety then you’ll get the conversion.

4. Paid Landing Page

One of the great things about paid landing pages is you have so much control over the traffic that lands on them. This makes it easier to match the message between the ad and landing page, target the right audience, and get an accurate representation of your total gains.

5. Top Exit Pages

Exit pages aren’t inherently bad, especially if they are the final page in a content series. However, if you look in Google Analytics (or your preferred analytics platform) for your top exit pages you are definitely going to find opportunities to increase conversions. You can find the ‘Exit Page’ report when you click ‘Behavior’ then ‘Site Content’.

In this example, a local dentist saw that one of his key pages  – the ‘Contact’ page was one of the top exit pages on his site. Since this page was a critical, yet underperforming page, we were able to start working on a contact form that converts.



Obviously these aren’t the only pages to test, but I’ve found that they are your lowest hanging fruit. Ideally you should identify your test pages based on opportunity (probable lift), if the test impacts your main KPIs, and how easy it is to run the test and implement the changes. For now, give these pages a try and as always:

Happy Testing!

2 Replies to Top Places To Start A/B Testing

  1. The whole funnel needs to A/B test, ad copies, landing pages, thank you pages, check out pages, home page and everything needs to be first class for a business and deserve A/B testing.

  2. Hi Justin,

    I have read many articles of A/B testing but, this type I never did.

    So easily explained. I got the messages you want me to understand.

    #3 Checkout pages.Thanks for mentioning. I often forget it.

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