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Maybe you thought it’s good to buy traffic

And it is…in a way. But there are some constraints to keep track of.

Let’s look at this scenario for a minute: you have a great e-commerce business, and you’re doing quite well. Your policy is to adjust the marketing spending according to ROAS (Return On Advertising Spending), your creatives are really cool, and you observe an increasing trend in sales. 

Well, surprise, surprise!

That’s because of your focus. You’re focusing on the wrong metrics.

Do you know the words [Tweet “Energy Flows Where Attention Goes”] ?


It most certainly applies to traffic generation. If your focus is on buying traffic, that’s where you’ll end up: just buying traffic. If your primary focus (yes, I know, you cannot look in two places in the same time) would be to generate traffic without paying Google, you can come up with brilliant ideas to solve this task. You will also be able to discover new strategies, tools, methods that could apply to your business.

I’ve done it and I am telling you how in the next few lines.

In 2011, in the era of Facebook quizzes, I was growing the leading company in online car insurances in Romania, RCA ieftin. So, I asked myself a question: how can I generate a facebook quiz, not so lousy as “find out your Indian name”, and somehow useful, so that I can make many drivers take it and share it?

I came up with something like: ‘How good you are as a driver’ Quiz.

The result: the Facebook page grew from 7,000 fans to 190,000 fans in just two weeks:


The estimated cost of growing through PPC campaign: 70,000 euro. The cost to develop the app: 1,000 euro.

Here’s a chart that demonstrates how viral growth supported my own business.

The conclusions

Before starting to generate traffic, make sure to respect the order of traffic channels:


That’s why you need to allocate at least 1 hour / month and at least 100$ to come up with some creative ideas. At least, if you are not having success, you will say to yourself that at least you’ve died trying. 🙂



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