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How to use surveys to find why your visitors are not buying or why your girlfriend is leaving you

Imagine this:

Your girlfriend is breaking up with you. You’ve had a great time with her. Well, there have been some small arguments, but at least, you’ve managed to be together for the past 4 months or so. Last week you decided to move in together and rented a nice flat – not that nice, but at least you are together and you will buy better-looking furniture in the future. And you’ll get rid of the ugly carpet in the living room sometime next week.

This morning was somehow strange. She woke up earlier than you, prepared the breakfast and kissed you goodbye with a strange expression on her face. You decide to buy her flowers and come back home earlier than usual. But, when you enter the house…

Her empty wardrobe awaits you there. No farewell note, no explanations, no nothing. Nada.


Is it because of the ugly apartment? Is it because something you’ve said? Is it because you’ve never told her how much you actually care? Or because of her former boyfriend?

The bad part is that you feel you’re going crazy not only because she left you, but also because you don’t know WHY!

If you don’t care enough, you’ll never find that “why”

That’s how our brain works. If the pain is high enough, we go out there and we start doing things. If it hurts like crazy, but we take it seriously and we start to ask the right questions.

In conversion rate optimization, as in love life, we can find out what’s going on if we ask the right questions in order to find how to fix things. The key is asking these questions before it’s too late.

The ugly truth is that 98 out of 100 visitors dump your website every single day.

Website visitors are like women

In some matters, the visitors are like women:

– mysterious
– a bit unstable
– attractive
– hard to please
– difficult to understand
– only a few of them will actually pay attention to what you say

That’s why you need to…

Use exit-intent surveys to find out the “why” when they leave you 🙂

There is this great way of taking action in that zero moment of truth.

In real life, you can’t find out what’s going on and find the “exit-intent”.

Online, on the other hand, this is easy to do: trigger and exit-intent survey to the visitors just before they are about to leave your website without converting.

The technology is on our side. But the technology (yes, ours, too) is nothing without taking into account a few principles so that you understand clearly what’s going on.

6 Principles to be outstandingly good when you run exit-intent surveys

1. Don’t ask for permission

Yes, that kills your response rate. Usually, if you interrupt a visitor (which you didn’t manage to convince with your website) with a question like: “Can you help us improve our website by answering a few questions”, your chances to get a high response rate will be lousier than your chances to convert Trump into a Buddhist monk.

So, don’t ask for permission, beg for forgiveness, as Tim Ferriss use to say.
Anyway, maybe applying this technique too often in your love life made your girlfriend run away?
So the rule of thumb is to use persuasion, with a direct question that is really easy to answer to.

Honey, before you go, do you have a few minutes to answer a few questions?
This will help me improve my services for the future ones!


Honey, be honest: why do you want to break up?

2. Let them use their own words

If you want to discover out the real barriers, don’t let the visitors pick from your pre-defined list. Start with an open question, and then, based on their answers, build the list to narrow the barriers further.

E.g: Honey, why do you want to leave me?

a) You’re too good for me
b) You never said you love me
c) You never take out the garbage
d) Technical problems 🙂


What is the top reason that made you leave me?

You might be surprised to find out that open answers are providing you much more valuable insights than you think.

3. Bribe them only if you don’t want the truth

Visitors which usually answer to surveys are either: cool people which are giving you lots of clues about your website and all the other ones. If they are answering because of an incentive, their responses will be biased, as they will tend to satisfy you.


Of course, if you actually don’t care what the answers will be and simply want a higher response rate in order to generate leads with the survey, go ahead and offer an incentive!

4. Use logic branching

There’s always something more to find out behind an answer. For instance, if you are running a buyer persona survey in order to find why different visitors are abandoning the checkout, you might want to use logic branching in order to be able to further segment the results.

See how this can work in this example:

Trigger the “Honey, why do you want to leave me?” survey>

5. Use the surveys to generate leads

Lead generation is relevant to run for:

Converting barriers surveys – in order to take action and transform those answers into ammunition for your call center/ sales department

NPS surveys for detractors that rate you very low scores, in order to further investigate what happened

Buyer persona surveys – in order to be able to further segment the visitors via email – we have integrations with main email providers and the era of broadcasting the same message to everyone is far gone.

6. Treat the objections in real-time

OK, so now it gets really appealing!

What if you could not only find out what stops your visitors but also be able to take action in real time?

Yes, you can even negotiate the price, prepare different kind of incentives for different barriers the visitors might have, redirect them to a specific landing page with an offer or simply use you persuasion skills to demonstrate they’re missing a one time in a life opportunity.

Let’s go to that real-life example:

> You’re awful!

> To be “awful” is a bit relative, can you let me know on a scale from 1 to 5, how much do I suck on these aspects?

> It’s not you, it’s me suggestion your bed performance:
Treatment: > redirect her to a page with testimonials about your past experiences
OR > Trigger an overlayer with statistics about how important is actually the woman in this game
OR > Trigger an overlayer with your offer: Tonight, 9PM. Bring your Victoria’s Secret bra

> Supporting you even when you’re pissed of and you don’t tell me why
Treatment: > A picture with a sad puppy and a call to action: We can make it together.

> Being generous
Treatment: > A Visa Gold credit card with her face on it.

> Making me feel loved like at the beginning
Treatment: > An overlayer with yourself doing Karaoke on “let her go” from the passenger having pictures from your best moments.

Yes, you can use Omniconvert to do everything you’ve seen above, and much much more than that: you can even do A/B testing or personalize the website based on the answers the visitors have submitted. If you want to try it out, go ahead and get your account here.

PS: Yes, that thing actually happened to me 11 years ago. Her name is Veronica and I’ve eventually realised why she left me: I was too good for her! 🙂

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