As an e-marketer, you may find yourself in the position of anticipating your visitors‘ purchase intention or behavior in the future. But how can you know what a visitor is looking for on your website? You cannot just guess! Your answer have to be precise. What can you do? The solution is to directly ask your visitors and customers questions concerning their experience on your website through surveys.

Surveys can reveal you information on the visitor’s purchase intention or on your customers behavior. So, the great news are that you can use surveys for finding out the purchase intention of all your visitors( all of your traffic website) or of the ones that interest you the most( particular segments of traffic). In this way, you can implement the appropriate traffic acquisition strategy.

Surveys for visitors

You want to find out what are all the people looking for exactly on your website: are they just navigating, do they have the intent to purchase? In order to own this information, you can formulate a question where you ask about their reasons. The main problem is that your visitor may not be willing to respond to your survey. So, in order to convince him to share his reasons, address him a nice message through an interaction.Purchase Intention Omniconvert

After he gave his approval to complete this task, give him the possibility to chose from multiple alternatives. The possible answers to the question may be:

  1. I am searching for information
  2. I am just navigating
  3. I want to buy something

After running this survey, you can measure. Track the most important Key Performance Indicators(KPIs) in Analytics:

  • Purchase Intention(PI)
  • Visitor Satisfaction Index(VSI)
  • Probability To Recommend(PTR)

Surveys for customers

Scenario 1: One of your customers added an item in his shopping cart, but he didn’t get to the final line. He left the Cart Page without getting your offer. You shouldn’t let him to leave like that. Use surveys to ask him what was his reason to not complete the conversion path.

After adding items to your cart, what would make you abandon your purchase?


Scenario 2: One of your customers didn’t complete his purchase in the process of checkout. Ask him what was the reason for acting like that.

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Curious how can surveys lead to a grothw of the conversion rate? Give it a try. Test Omniconvert! Surveys are one of his favorites features.convert_more_footer_blog