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Word of mouth marketing: transforming current customers into evangelists

Turning customers into brand advocates is one of the greatest things a marketer can achieve. Customers who talk positively about your brand and recommend your products are a very efficient way of promotion that has the advantage of authenticity. Just think about it, what seems more trustful and convincing, corporate messages and advertising, or sincere opinions and recommendations from friends and fellow customers?


Word of mouth doesn’t only increase brand awareness, it’s also a great way to increase sales. In this case we’re not referring to content virility, but to product recommendation and to customers who are willingly talking about your brand and influence others to choose your e-commerce store.

Everyone thinks about social media and social share buttons when talking about word of mouth marketing. But these two are just the means for sharing products and information. Behind them there is a whole other structure that convinces customers to become brand advocates: the way customers interact with the site, the shopping experience you create for them, how your services met their needs. If you want to be remembered in a nice way, try to make things run perfectly.

Be different. Create personalized experiences

Another important aspect of word of mouth marketing is finding the way to be remembered. Even if your site offered customers exactly what they were looking for, so you were useful in some way, chances are in three days they won’t even remember you.  So how do you stick into their minds and into their hearts?

What people always remember are impressive and delightful experiences, things that surprised them in a pleasant way. It’s true that purchase decisions are price dependent, but they can also be influences by brand and the emotions associated with the brand. Here are a few ideas of how to associate the practical aspects of e-commerce with the emotional ones, in order to create remarkable experiences to be remembered by your customers:

Be friendly and communicative. In online marketing it’s easy to segment visits and to greet your customers in real time. You can surprise loyal customers with special offers adapted to their preferences, you can use surveys to find out their opinion about products and shopping experiences. For example, you can use discounts and gift vouchers not only to attract customers, but as well as random rewards for loyal customers.

Remember when Bookdepository.co.uk delivered orders with those beautiful bookmarks as gifts?

book depository bookmarks

Be helpful. Make sure customers find easily exactly what they need, even when they are not sure of what they’re searching for. Study their preferences and propose similar products or complementary products. If someone abandoned their cart, find out what went wrong, send an email and remarket.

Be creative. Design and content have a great influence on how people perceive your brand and your products. Web design has to be defined by usability and responsiveness, but can also create beautiful visual experience for users. Creativity is a great way to provide something worth sharing and talking about.

clippers prizes
Clipper Teas

As you can see all of the above are targeting rationality, as well as emotions. Interactivity, communication and personalization may be exactly what you need to engage customers and to build a long lasting relationship with them.

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