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Wall increased their newsletter sign-up rate by 279%

Normally, would’ve used a standard form available for readers who wanted to subscribe to their newsletter. In this web personalization experiment, only by displaying a pop-up at exit, the publication managed to almost triple their newsletter subscription rate.

Omniconvert helped AvocatNet get a five times higher lead rate

Using exit-intent surveys with branching logic and lead capturing generated +2500 leads in just 3 days for AvocatNet, media publishing website that publishes legislative content.

"We like the idea that we can use surveys to consult the community, to attract leads for our advertisers. We also like the fact that Omniconvert is a very good tool that boosted the conversion rates for the online services that we offer. It is a complex solution, boxed in a very simple interface."
Alin Popescu
Founder of AvocatNET

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