Google Analytics gives you TONS of data, but doesn't tell you what to do with it


Discover missed opportunities
without paying a fortune.

Insight: Listing pages have the lowest page value ($2.2), but also the biggest optimization opportunity score. 

Insight: Visitors that are performing a search on the website have a big page value, but a small optimization opportunity score. 

Focusing on page value and sessions can give you quick actionable data. Knowing on which pages to focus on first and having testing ideas that work, means that you can jump right into implementation. 


Optimization Opportunity Score                                

Pages are ranked by optimization opportunity score. 

What does it mean? 

It tells you exactly on which page of your website to focus on improving first.

How fast do your users get to checkout?

Insights such as this can have an impact on how you craft the journey of your visitors on your shop.

Discover the journey of your customers and get tailor made insights for your eCommerce business. 

This website has a conversion rate of 7.87% - for visitors with > 40 page views.

Which channels to focus on?

Is Facebook your best traffic source? Missing out on organic traffic?  Should you spend more in Adwords?

Know which channel gives you the most value.

Insight: A visitor coming from email is 4 times more likely to convert than a visitor from Facebook ads.It might be useful to micro convert those visitors into an email subscriber.

How different genders navigate your funnel

Insight: Far less male visitors get to view the product than women visitors. 

People browse your shop differently. Find out how different genders navigate through your website and get ideas to start on how to improve your metrics. 

Google Analytics gives you data.

Omniconvert Insights gives you the direction.

"It is a good idea as it surfaces information that can be difficult to get for marketers."

Claire Keser
Senior Analyst at Casper

"Omniconvert has the tools to eliminate guessing"

"A valuable tool in the eCommerce space where the conversion funnel is critical to complete a purchase."

Anthony Vitalone

Head of Global Digital Marketing at VanEck

Brian Massey

CEO at Conversion Sciences

Brian Massey

Joshua Bretag
Growth Marketer & CEO at Blueprint Solutions

"Good idea for people that don't have a CRO team or Marketing team with CRO skills"

Some of our awesome clients

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