Why not change your roller coaster revenue to a stable, predictable income stream?

What we do is make your transition from a “try -> break -> fix” context to a “streamlined testing -> maximized improvements -> profit” one. 

That’s why we developed a process with a tremendous level of detail, so we can essentially outline the keys for your success.

Google Analytics is never a standalone function. It requires an extensive interaction with other actions (email, search, social media). And only this way it will have a positive and direct influence on your ROI.

There is no point in collecting data if your business cannot or does not know how to use it.

That is why we offer you a reliable & accurate system that provides powerful and actionable insights.

Google Analytics Health Check

Help you better understand your visitors and what they want with a healthy implementation

The idea behind usability is simple. You need to analyze any given design with two main questions in mind:

UI/UX Audit

1) What's your users' goals when accessing your website

2) How accessible is that design for the end users to reach their goals

Have you ever tried searching for something only to get results for a completely different thing? Then you know how frustrating it can be.

- Audience Analysis

- Brand Awareness Analysis

- Typography Analysis

- Desktop vs. Mobile Analysis

- Behavioral Analysis

- Heatmaps & Screen Recording Analysis

The audit will provide:

Quantitative Research

Hands down you’ll have the complete overview on all the data you gathered so far.

The truth is in your funnels, landing & exit pages, the share of revenue & share of sessions, revenue per visitor, page depth & advanced events, plus many more.

- Advanced Segmentation

- Funnel Analysis
- Cross-device analysis
- Precious Anomalies identification

To find the hidden gems in there, we will do a thorough analysis that focuses on:

Qualitative Research

Let’s find all of these with in-depth qualitative research.

The most advanced process that will unveil your customers’ barriers by assisting them in what’s necessary and what’s not.

This research will bring to light a deeper understanding of your visitors' experience through a more understandable analysis, clear yet nuanced.

Technology handling

Quality assurance


Analysis & Reporting

Technical Audit

For a website to grow, you need to have everything, fully set up properly.

You have to ensure that you’re getting all the right information.

With the technical upgrades we recommend for implementation, and due to our powerful methods provided for improving your website’s performance, you'll get better search engine ranking while providing a seamless user experience for your visitors.

What we do for you:

This is Achilles' heel for any business, especially for the one who's trying to grow.

 • Vital changes

• Marketing opportunities

• SEO opportunities

• Technical development opportunities

CRO Strategy

Tactics without strategy is the noise before defeat.

- Generate insights
- Build data-driven hypothesis
- Prioritise the experiments
- Provide the copy + design + specs
- Monitor the experiment
- Report the outcomes & plan ahead

Data is nothing without actionable insights. Which is nothing without a strong hypothesis. Which will not move the needle without a working experiment

We will create the optimization strategy for you, so you can convert more.

What we do for you:

Experiments Implementation and QA

Implementation. The hardest, most difficult and complicated part of any CRO strategy.

We’ll be your external qualified team that you can count on because we’ve already attained experience from our previous customers. There’s no better feeling than to know you’ve grown your conversion rates without the cost of extra hours of implementation.

Our team is trained to bring insights to surface, create unique experiments and implement them according to your front-end framework.

Our QA team assesses risk and investigates every possible error so you can have a well-functioning website.

- Experiment implementation
- Goal setting, front-end, goal tracking
- QA on all important browsers, devices, resolutions

What we do for you:


By monitoring every activity you can amplify successful strategies and avoid weak tactics

In a tsunami of incoming data, optimism is naive.

What we brilliantly do is that we regularly monitor the uncertainty of the experiment’s hypothesis and compare it with the new flux of data, to find out the unseen conclusions.

This step is a prerequisite for the reporting step, where our well-equipped staff will analyse all the captured statistics.


A craft takes years to master and our craft provides an easy to understand report.

Pure raw data can be impossible to comprehend and can be a bit overwhelming at first.

What you will receive is an analyst who will accommodate all the data points and will built a report that provide a fluid and image-rich narrative.

This way, your information will be well organized, easy to find and exceptionally uncomplicated.

- Weekly updates regarding the testing evolution

- Bimonthly status call to monitor, approve further tests and receive valuable insights regarding your website

- Monthly performance report regarding the tests that have been conducted on the website

- 3 Months profitability report - we will measure the impact of the winning variations in website's KPIs

Here’s what you’ll get: