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A/B testing, Web Personalization, Overlays, Advanced Segmentation

The whole world is changing.
Besides the health challenge, we’re all going to face an economic challenge. 

The most affected companies will be the SMBS. And they are sustaining >50% of the employees. 

We’re not doctors.

And we can’t help invent any new ventilator. 

But in the last 7 years, we’ve crafted one of the best growth marketing technologies for eCommerce, that outcompetes in terms of customer satisfaction, much better funded companies. 

What is included

We offer our CRO technology for any eCommerce with less than 100 employees.

That means you can use Omniconvert Explore to do A/B testing, Web Personalization, Overlays using up to 1 million tested views. 


 Source: https://www.g2.com/compare/google-optimize-vs-omniconvert-vs-adobe-adobe-target   

Amazon-like technology 
Our technology empowers you to improve conversion rate, understand your visitors & customers, segment your audience & get the most out of your email list. And it will be yours, for free, for 12 months, no catch, no nothing. You just need to apply.


We were able to show personalized messages based on the user’s profile, location and time of the day. We also ran different types of A/B tests, in order to test hypotheses about selling and buying moments.

Razvan Acsente

Europe CLM Group Expert Lead at OLX


We’re looking into improving the website conversion funnel and increasing the conversion rate. The results are excellent, even better than what they’ve pitched. They’ve also proposed some alternative lead collection using on-exit surveys – this resulted in incremental leads which significantly improved digital ROI.

Daniel Dumitru

Digital Marketing Coordinator Provident


What I like best is that this product does more than just A/B test. Qualitative data is crucial, and the tool helps you gather this vital information. I also like the personalization aspect of the technology.

Justin Rondeau

Director of Optimization at Digital Marketer


The responsiveness of the team is just amazing. We had some very very unique use cases we needed to address. We contacted VWO, Optimizely and Omniconvert. Omniconvert were the most proactive team, they really listened to us in order to understand what we needed, and helped us achieve it.

Meni Morim

Co-founder and CEO Findify

We’re not just experts in this.

Our experience helped us build this technology for you.

Behind data is the talent. We’ve been doing this for 7 years. Omniconvert has helped global eCommerce companies become customer-centric through advanced segmentation algorithms, A/B testing, web personalization, and web surveys.

Frequently Asked Questions

A tested view is any visitor that is included in any experiment (A/B Testing, Personalization or Survey) and that you can see in the reporting area. For example, if you have an A/B Test where 500 visitors see the control page and 500 see the variation page, then you will consume 1,000 tested views in total.
You just have to contact us via the form on this page or write us to [email protected]

You can use Omniconvert Explore until you exceed the limit of 1 million tested views. After this, you can renew your plan according to your monthly visits on the website. 

Actually, that’s good news, and it means that you have converted a lot already! Technically, the system notifies you by email and pauses all running experiments until your next billing cycle starts or until you decide to upgrade your account.
We provide you an initial script (a very simple piece of code) to be installed on your website. Additionally, to protect you from the dark side of coding, we have developed a wide range of plugins for multiple open source platforms (WordPress, Joomla, Magento etc.)
Most likely, if you decide to cancel, this would either be an absurd move or related to the fact that you’d have converted enough, you have too much money already or you simply want to retire. We have a lot of respect for senior citizens and believe they deserve the best – and are big fans of the absurd (we own a massive collection of Monty Python sketches). With this in mind, we have programmed the system to fully reflect our beliefs. Meaning you can cancel at any time, with your subscription continuing until the end of the billing cycle you have initially chosen.
Omniconvert works for almost any kind of self-hosted website: custom coded, CMS platforms (WordPress, Joomla, Drupal etc), eCommerce platforms (Shopify, Magento, Bigcommerce etc.). The only requirement is that you have access to the source code in order to paste in the Omniconvert code.

Yes, except for companies that sell or promote harming stuff: gun industry, cigarettes, bets, etc.

You can install our code using the GTM. However, you should know that this approach will slow down the deployment of our code, which can cause issues with some of your experiments such as screen flickering before A/B tests and delayed triggering for banner popups.
As any code that you install on your website, Omniconvert needs some time to load, but we have worked hard to make it as fast as possible. Right now it takes about ~100 ms for the Omniconvert code to load, which is practically unnoticeable. And since the code is cacheable, it will load only at the first visit.
The short answer is NO. The long answer is that if you have multiple experiments running, you should pay attention at the segmentation and traffic allocation in order for your experiments not to overlap and influence each others results.
To implement changes on any page, Omniconvert uses javascript that’s not readable by googlebot.Therefore, Google will always see the original page, which means that your SEO results will not be influenced by Omniconvert. If you find it hard to believe us, then here’s what Matt Cutts has to say about it “I’ve been quite clear that there’s nothing wrong with A/B testing. In fact, less than a month ago I tweeted that ‘A/B testing can be really helpful’ and included a link to best practices.”
Yes, we do! All the NGOs benefit from the same offer. 

You can include multiple websites under your account and also give permission on the account to multiple people. 

A few of our happy users