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Karl Gilis

CEO @AgConsult


If you look at the rise and fall of all companies, they turn from a customer-centric company into a business-driven one, and they fail to see the frustrations and goals of their customers. Usually, e-commerce businesses spend more money on customer acquisition because they view it as a quick way of increasing revenue. That’s wrong! Customer retention is a …

April Dunford

Founder @Ambient Strategy


Oftentimes, while testing new products on the market, ideas adapt to changing market needs and evolving into something that was not initially planned. The most important thing is to respond properly to what the best customers want and need, and to recreate or find the right product as many times as necessary until it is a perfect market fit

Bob Moesta

Pres.&CEO @The Rewired Group 


Paying attention to incremental innovation and to ways of improving and enriching a product is the best ticket to success and, in many cases, a guarantee. Paying attention to how good, functional and easy-to-use a product is, translates directly into trust in the mind of any consumer. “I don’t care about the product. To actually design a better product …

Dennis Yu

CEO @Blitzmetrics


By asking more personal questions, you can do more than just advertise your product or create a sort of testimonial; you create stories. Consumer behavior analysis is vital for what comes next in your conversion process. This is the point where brand trust is created. Potential customers may identify with the life situations of current customers as described in the marketing material

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Ask personal questions and create stories

There are company cultures where distraction is not a problem because they exhibit three company traits that are ‘indistractable’. First of all, they give people psychological safety, meaning you can talk about a problem without getting fired. Nir Eyal 

Keep your loyal customers

It’s on average 10 times cheaper to keep an existing client than to acquire a new one, so it’s worth a few dollars to market to your existing clients. Particularly if they suddenly start searching for your competitors, it’s great to keep your brand at the forefront of their minds.
Mark Irvine

Double down on customer retention

Customer retention is a hugely overlooked area. I think there are many challenges with modern capitalism, especially in the digital economy. I think the biggest one is everything being channel-centric and tied to month-to-month performance
Jono Alderson 

Think about your product positioning

Focus on identifying where your product fits in the market as quickly as you can. Spend most of your time there. The speed of decisions is of the essence when doing a market fit test or when preparing for a product launch
Sean Ellis