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eCommerce Growth Summit

Welcome to the eCommerce Growth Summit!

eCommerce Growth Summit is the only Customer Value Optimization event in the world.
On the 12th & 13th of November 2020, 23 amazing speakers and industry veterans brought to the spotlight practical eCommerce strategies from Customer Retention, Customer Experience, Conversion Rate Optimization, SEO & Paid Advertising and eCommerce Industry Insights.

We will be back in 2021 with more amazing speakers and key eCommerce insights!

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eCommerce Growth Summit 2nd Edition - The Sessions

If you missed the eCommerce Growth Summit, don’t worry! 

We’ve recorded all of the sessions and they are now here for your viewing pleasure :).

Raul Galera, Referral Candy

Increasing Customer Retention (and Acquisition) After The Holidays

Most brands are looking into customer acquisition right now, but what’s going to happen after these new customers buy from your store for the first time? Do you have a post-purchase plan in place? In this talk, we’ll cover some areas that will help you increase customer retention and brand advocacy.

Valentin Radu, Omniconvert

How to nail Customer Value Optimization (CVO)

There are only two ways to generate growth for your eCommerce business. First, by acquiring new customers. Second, by getting current customers to buy more. In this session, Valentin Radu will guide you through a methodology that will help you generate growth by nailing Customer Value Optimization (CVO)

Derric Haynie, eCommerceTech.io

Using Live Chat to Maximize Black Friday / Cyber Monday Sales

Did you know that 93% of brands are doing live chat wrong? You can turn this into an advantage even against the big players. In this session, Derric Haynie shows you how to build an effective bot-to-human on-site chat with a response time below 90 seconds, available 24/7.

Nicole Baqai, Gorgias + TJ Balogun, Andrea Iyamah

Black Friday Customer Service Checklist: 5 Tips to Survive the Madness

In this session, Nicole Baqai and TJ Balogun show you how to face an increase in support service requests and improve CX overall. Watch this insightful client case study and learn how TJ improved customer experience by synchronizing Andrea Iyamah with Gorgias, a CRM based platform that led to a customer base increase of 30% within the past 6 months.

Joep Brenninkmeijer, Heineken

Growth via great CX: Proactively helping your customer for a win-win situation

Watch Joep’s talk to see how great CX can generate growth and also how you can make your customers base thrive in the middle of a pandemic during the holidays.

Cristian Movila, VTEX

Collaborative eCommerce

In this session, Cristi Movila shows you how to go beyond traditional eCommerce and how Collaborative eCommerce can have a positive impact on your business.

Elise Connors, Happy Cog

Using Data You Already Have to Win the Customers You Don't

As an ecommerce store owner, you likely already have millions of data points at your fingertips. But the truth is, most data is nonsense. In this session, you’ll learn how to take advantage of the data you already have and turn it into insights that, when used correctly, can turn your website into a revenue generating machine.

Jon MacDonald, The Good

The 8 laws of conversion

Jon MacDonald takes us back to the basics of conversion rate optimization. This session, “The 8 Laws of Conversion”, will help you understand the key principles that allow you to design a highly converting and revenue-generating website.

Talia Wolf, GetUplift

The biggest mistakes people make with their funnels and how to fix them

In this session, Talia Wolf emphasizes the strong link between resolving the customer’s pain point and driving value through your products and services.

Tim Ash

The Magic of Wizards and why you desperately need it

Conversion Rate Optimization expert Tim Ash literally wrote the best-selling books on landing page optimization. Hear Tim’s unique perspective on making your ecommerce site more useful and profitable!

Martin Greif, SiteTuners

Proving Best Practices by Testing

ou can’t miss Martin Greif’s Proving Best Practices by Testing! There are 3 basic questions your website needs to answer for visitors to convert: Am I in the right place? How do I feel about this site? What am I supposed to do here?

John Ghiorso, Orca Pacific

Gaining a Competitive Edge on Amazon

In this 30-minute virtual session, John contextualizes the competition on Amazon. He will then dive into strategies for climbing onto Page 1 and defending your position on the search page. We will explore new Amazon strategies and programs that are underutilized and could give your brand the competitive edge.

Mark Irvine, SearchLab

Personalizing your PPC Campaigns for the “New & Normal” Audiences this Holiday Season

With this holiday shopping season being more online than ever, the stakes are higher than ever before to understand how to identify, reach, and personalize your ads for the new normal.

Kyle Roof, High Voltage SEO Agency

Advanced Interlinking and Using Semantic Terms

Kyle Roof proved that “Google’s algorithm is just an algorithm and you can beat it with simple math.” In this session, he exemplifies how he did that and how Google changed the rules after his experiment.

Kunle Campbell, 2X eCommerce

Building Resilient 'Lifecycle Ad Funnels' that Acquire and Retain Customers

Customer lifecycle oriented media buying: In this session, Kunle will take you through how to create a co-ordinated ‘always-on’ life cycle oriented media buying funnel strategy that focuses on optimisation for conversions and retention.

Dr. Augustine Fou, Marketing Science Consulting Group, Inc.

How Bad Guys Commit Ad Fraud and Trick Attribution Reporting

In this session, Dr. Augustine Fou, an independent ad fraud researcher, shares an overview of various types of ad fraud, including manipulation of attribution reports by bad guys. They do this to steal ad budgets and cover their tracks. Be on the lookout in your own data to minimize your risks.

Miruna Mitu, Mobexpert + Robert Berza, Fashion Days + Kamran Shaikh, Tempur

Pre and Post Black friday strategies from 3 eCommerce verticals

For the eCommerce Growth Summit – Fall Edition 2020, We dedicated the panel to the Pre and Post Black Friday strategies. Collect ideas on how to transform these new customers into repeat customers.

Richard Anning, Moxielash

How to bring data to the beauty industry

Learn how to manage data and what types of change you’ll be able to make for your business just by making good use of all the data you’re generating and collecting.

Jill Thayer Liliedahl, Inventory Planner

Increase Profits and Avoid Missed Revenue by Forecasting Customer Demand

In this talk, Jill emphasizes how impactful forecasting can be for your eCommerce business: – Use past behavior to predict future patterns – Make sure you have what your customers want when they want it – How you can improve stock turn by 8x

Phil Gorman, ECOMMevents

Scaling with Balance: Maintaining the 3 Pillars of E-Commerce as you Grow

Watch this session to get tips about overcoming challenges that affect eCommerce stores worldwide and how to thrive in a highly competitive environment.

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