Common Problems

How to preview an experiment

A/B test or Personalization In the editing mode, on the Variation tab, you have the option to edit your website for one of the devices: Desktop, Tablet or Mobile.

How to test an experiment live

When you are not sure how the experiment will look live, follow these steps: Go to the ‘Audience’ tab and select ‘Segment’ – ‘New segment’:

Browser compatibility

Our browser strategy is to ensure that everything works fine with the latest 2 major versions of each browser listed here. Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, Safari

Debugging Experiments

How to install the Experiment Debugger If you have active experiments are not visible on your website, you can find out exactly why and fix

Interaction on a page with Youtube player

If you encounter a problem in which some of the Omniconvert experiments are overlapped by other elements on the page (see print-screen below),  it is most likely caused

How do I activate an experiment?

After you have created an experiment, go to the Experiment Section of your dashboard. On the right side of each experiment, you will see an “Actions”

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