How does engagement goal work?

In every Omniconvert experiment, there are 3 goals that come by default: engagement, bounce rate and sales. An engagement goal is counted when a user, after he

How to add goals

In order to create a goal, go to Goals. Click New Goal and the following window will appear: VERY IMPORTANT NOTE: You can choose between 2

Javascript Events

You can use simple Javascript events to connect your code to events emitted by our experiments. For example, you can subscribe to the omni:survey:inserted event that is

Omniconvert Conversion Glossary

Conversion happens when you manage to align your values, principles, work, and your entire universe to the customer’s experience. It may seem hard to do

What is Goal timeout used for?

“Goal timeout” is a cool feature offered by Omniconvert with the purpose to help you setup a time limit in minutes for registering your goals for that

Page editor [A/B testing]

The page editor is the way you can modify the content of a page without learning code or hire expensive programmers. You can access the

Custom variables available

These are all custom variables already available for every website which contains our tracking code. You don’t need to do any detailed tehnical implementation to use

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