Getting Started

How to set up your Audience properly

The Audience step is specific to all the types of experiments – A/B testing, Personalization, Interaction or Survey -, and using it in an improper manner is

How to read statistics in Omniconvert

In order to better interpret your statistics you must know what each column represents: 1. Name This column shows you the Name of the Variation  (‘Control’,

What is segmentation?

The segmentation process stays on the basis of all of your experiments. If you want to study only specific segments of traffic using Omniconvert surveys, you first

What are the “Creatives”?

Creatives are art-works like pop-ups, ribbons, interstitials that trigger in specific moments (e.g., when the visitor wants to leave the webpage). Creatives are an essential part

Omniconvert & Main features

Omniconvert is a conversion optimization tool that integrates 4 major features: Personalization Surveys  A/B testing Overlay You don’t need designer/programmer skills to test your ideas.

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