In some cases depending on the structure of your website when you create an A/B test and apply certain changes to a specific element, the changes won’t be visible when the experiment is tested live.

If that is the case then one solution is that you have to replace the selector created by our platform with the direct selector of the element you desire to change.

In order to do that, follow these steps:

  • Go to your website page and right click – select Inspect: 


  • Click on the select icon and click on the element that you want to change

  • At the bottom you have the code of the selected element highlighted. Right click on it and choose Copy – Copy selector. This represents the direct selector of that specific element.


  • Paste it into NotePad in order to have access to it more easily:


  • Go to into your AB test, apply the desired change to one specific element and after that in Variation drop down click on Code option. 


  • Delete the selector of the element created by the platform as highlighted in the picture below and replace it with the direct selector of the element saved in the notepad.


  • After it should look like in the picture below (without the red line highlighting it 🙂 )


  • Click Save on the Code window and then Publish



 Please keep in mind that for every change that you make, you must wait 4 – 5 minutes until it will be visible live on your website.