An experiment is a test you set up in the application to find out which of the web page versions performs the best in terms of revenue, conversion rate, or any other goal that you decided to achieve with your test.

For example, if your sales drop in London, you could select the website visitors from London and address them with a personalized message in which another customer from London testifies about his/her great experience with your website.

In an experiment, you can set up variations, target and frequency, traffic allocation & goals and schedule.

  • Variations let you test different creative approaches for different visitors
  • In target and frequency you can decide which segments of visitors are addressed
  • Traffic allocation & goals allows you to limit the exposure of your experiment to a percentage of visitors
  • In schedule you can set the exposure of your experiment to a specific interval of time

Opening a new experiment allows you to optimize your traffic 2 ways: one URL and multiple URLs.

Through one URL optimization, you can make infinite changes on a specific page, through page content or interactions. Through multiple URLs, you can create Interaction experiments that work across your website.

To start making changes and test them on your website go to your Dashboard and choose between A/B testing, Personalization, Interaction or Survey, depending on your goal and hypothesis: