In order to activate an interaction type experiment that triggers at click, you have to create two experiments: an A/B test and an Interaction experiment.

1. Go to Advanced -> Creatives -> New creative (if the creative isn’t already created);

Click here to see how is done.

2. From your Dashboard -> Choose “Interactions”:

a) Select the trigger for the experiment to be “On load”: 

On load trigger

b) “Variations” tab -> “Select or create creative” -> choose the creative from the list that appears: 

c) “Audience” tab -> “Manage pages where you want to run this experiment” -> leave this field empty: 

d) “Audience” tab -> click on “Advanced settings” -> “Frequency” -> choose “Everytime”:



e) “Traffic Allocation & Goals” -> click on “Click here to change” -> set the experiment to run 100% on Variation: 

3. For the second experiment, go to your Dashboard-> Choose “A/B Testing”

To learn how to create an A/B test in Omniconvert, check out this article.

4. When you reach the Variations tab in the experiment, after you add a new variation, select the button where the visitors should click on in order to display the pop-up and from the menu that appears select “On click” -> “Display interaction”:

5. Select the creative you want to appear from the “Choose interaction” window:

Choose interaction