You can set up surveys with Omniconvert and ask visitors for feedback on various aspects of your website. How can you do that? Simple, just login into Omniconvert and click on Surveys.

You can choose between 2 types of surveys Pop-up or Widget:

You can add as many questions as you like. Just write the first question into the “Question title” field, select the type of answer from the “Answer type” drop down field and click save. You can select the question to be “required” or not.

The answers can be of the following type:

1. Small text answer : This is a single line text box without limit for characters
2. Large text answer : This is a multiple line text box without limit for characters
3. Multiple choices (check boxes ) :   This option lets the visitor choose multiple answers
4. Unique choice ( radio ) :  This option lets the visitor choose only one answer
5. Images:  With this option you can show the visitor pictures as answers
6. Dropdown:  This will show the predefined answers in a drop down mode
7. Scale:  With this you can make your visitors answer questions like  “How much did you like it
on a scale from 1 to 10″
8. Grid:  This option will show the answers using a grid layout.
9. Net promoter score:  This option is a standard question type which is the base of the most
important marketing  KPI, related to customer satisfaction. Read more here.