You have set your experiment, but after checking it on the website you don’t see it.
Please check the following:

a. Audience tab: check if you chose the right condition and if what you wrote in the field corresponds with the link from the browser where the experiment should run.

Click here to find out how to set up your audience properly.


b. Make sure that you set up correctly the segmentation.

Click here to find out more about segmentation.
Click here to find out more about OR and AND conditions between segmentation.


c. Make sure that you check the experiment on the right devices.


d. Traffic allocation and goals: make sure that you didn’t exclude all your visitors or some pages where you want your experiment to apply.

d. Traffic allocation and goals: make sure that the Variation has some traffic allocated.


e. Scheduling: make sure that your experiment is active on that day.


f. Scheduling: make sure that you are not checking the experiment in the excluded options


g. Make sure that you have the tracking code installed on the pages that you want to run the experiment.

In order to check that follow these steps:

  • Go on that page(s) in browser
  • Click right – Inspect

  • Choose Console and write _mktz and hit save


h. Make sure that your plan isn’t expired or hasn’t exceeded the limit of tested views included

j. Make sure that your tracking code isn’t disabled


j. You haven’t waited 4 – 5 minutes until you published the experiment and checked it on the website.

Please keep in mind that our servers are on Amazon and it takes a while until data is send to them and updated back to live.

If all the above are correctly set please contact us on our ticketing system and give us as many details as you can in order to give you the right solution.