How to create an OnPage variable on the cart page


An OnPage variable is a part of your page which can be used as a text variable in the A/B testing experiments, web personalization creatives or surveys.

1. First, you need to add one product to cart, right-click and select “View page source”

view page source

2. Copy the source code of your cart web page

3. Go to OnPage Variables (in Omniconvert) and create a new variable

omniconvert page variables

4. Click on “upload your own HTML” purple link and paste the source code of your cart web page:

omniconvert upload own html

5. Select the variable that returns the total amount of your cart

omniconvert return total amount

6. Give your variable a name and save it

omniconvert name variable

7. You can later use this already created variable in order to segment users within an experiment

omniconvert onpage variable

Good to know

  • You can use multiple variables on the same page.
  • We read the value of a variable based on its position on the page. If you change the structure of the page the variable cannot be read any longer.
  • Display your experiments only on the pages where this variable is available.
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