How to track clicks on Overlays using custom Goals



Create Custom Goal → Design or Upload Creative → Insert Custom Goal into Creative → Integrate Creative into active experiment → Allocate the custom goal to the experiment

A. Creating the custom goal

The custom goal will track clicks on banners, pop-ups, buttons and CTA’s that belong to a pop-up. 

1. Into the Dashboard, go to Advanced – Goals tab and select New goal:

omniconvert overlay new goal

2. Give a representative name to the goal and select “Custom” from the goal options:

custom goal name

3. Hit Save and a custom code will be generated. This code should be copied in order to be used further in the process.

The custom goal is now created and can be reviewed in the Dashboard under the Goals section:

custom goal review

B. Adding the goal to your Overlay

  1. Create or edit your existing overlay and in the Variation click on the </> button to open up the code editor.
create edit overlay

2. In the code editor search for the element/button part of code where you wish to track clicks. 

overlay code editor

3. Add the following code to the element/button:


And this one at the end of code in the editor:

mktz_$('#mktz-test-click').click(function (event) {
(new _mktzInteract()).track_click_safely(event, mktz_$(this));

In this example, we wanted to track clicks on the button and we’re using a goal named “bannerclicks”.

Attention! If you set a different name for your goal, remember to replace “bannerclicks” with its name shown in section A3.

Click again on Source and Save the Creative. Please don’t change the id name of the element you wish to track because the goal will not trigger anymore.

C. Integrating the creative into an active experiment

1. Go to the Interactions tab into the Dashboard and select New interaction:

overlay new interaction

2. Select the creative previously designed:

designed creative select

3. Into the Traffic Allocation & Goals tab, don’t forget to allocate the custom goal created for tracking clicks on the specific creative:

traffic allocation custom goal
select goal
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