How to use customer attributes


The personalized attributes are data that you store in your own database and want to share with Omniconvert in order to segment your visitors in a more advanced manner.

You can find this option in the app’s dashboard:

Let’s say you have an online clothing shop, where visitors can create accounts. You can ask for information like sex or shoe size in your registration form.


After you’ve collected this info, you can share it with Omniconvert through the following JavaScript code, so that you will be able to use it later on to create an experiment for these visitors:

  • NAME – name of the personalized attribute (for example “gender”)
  • VALUE – the value of the attribute, for example, “male”

Display available attributes

In dashboard in the “Advanced” menu section, there is a category called “Customer Attributes”. On that page, you can see all attributes sent and the number of visitors for each one.
For debugging purposes, you can view the last 10 values sent for each attribute.

customer advanced attributes

How to use it

Customer attributes can be used for segmentation or as dynamic text in experiments/surveys.

customer attributes uses
survey example customer attributes

Good to know

If there already is an attribute associated with that visitor, the new value will overwrite the old one. If you’d like to write off a certain association, leave the VALUE parameter empty.

The segmentation based on these attributes works with or without the user being connected to your website (pretty cool, right? ?)

Please remember that you need to install the main tracking code on all pages that use these smaller pieces of code.

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