1. Enabling Kissmetrics in Omniconvert

In order to start tracking your experiments with Kissmetrics, you must activate the integration.

  • To do so go to your website menu and click on Integrations

  • In the Integrations page, activate the connection with Kissmetrics and click save to finish.


2. Viewing the data in Kissmetrics

Once you have enabled the integration in Omniconvert and started experimenting, login into your Kissmetrics account and:

  • Go to Metrics and click on ‘Add new metric’


  • Select the metric type that suits your needs. The events sent will be available for all of them. ( We chose ‘Number of times event happened’ as an example )


  • In the Metric options page select the type of event you wish to register. You can select from our two options – Viewed experiment or viewed survey.
    Each event (viewed experiment or viewed survey ) will have the fields: ExperimentId, ExperimentName, VariationId, VariationName


3. Viewing the statistics

  • To view statistics, you can go to ‘Reports’ and create a new report based on your needs.


  • Another way is to go to ‘Metrics’ and click on the one you wish to see the data.Screenshot_12
  • The stats page looks like this.


Attention: All the data sent by Omniconvert will be visible in Metrics and Reports after 30 minutes from the moment they were sent.