By activating this integration, you’ll be able to see details about your Omniconvert active experiments within your Yandex Metrica dashboard.

Every time a visitor is exposed to a variation of an experiment, an event is sent to Yandex with the experiment name and id and also with the variation name and id.

Activating this integration will help you create filters to see what was the path of your users before and after their interaction with your Omniconvert experiments.


To activate your Yandex Metrica integration log in into your Omniconvert account, click on [your website name] ->  Integrations

Step 2 is to get the counter number from your Yandex Metrica account (Counter settings -> Counter number)

And paste it in the Integrations menu to activate your Yandex Metrica integration. Don’t forget to click Save before moving on.

How does it work?

Once the integration is active, Omniconvert will send an event each time an experiment has been seen by one of your visitors.

You need to know that these events are triggered with a non-Interaction parameter, which means they won’t be considered when calculating Bounce Rate.

To see the data sent, you must log in to your Yandex Metrica account and go to Reports -> Standard reports -> Content – > Session parameters

There you will be able to see the evens like this: