1. In your Google Tag Manager (GTM) Account, create a new tag that will be used to integrate the Omniconvert tracking code on your website.

2. Step 2 in creating a new tag:


3. Choose to create a “Custom HTML Tag”:



4. Rename the new tag to “Omniconvert Tag” just to become more intuitive in the future. Then, copy the Asynchronous version of the Omniconvert tracking code into the “Tag Configuration” field.:


5. Scroll down in order to have access to the section in which you have to configure the trigger:


6.Select the trigger to fire on ‘All Pages‘:



7.Hit ‘Save‘ in order to save the new created tag:



8.Hit ‘Publish‘ in order to activate the new created tag:



To learn how to integrate the Goggle Tag Manager code into your WordPress website, check out this article.