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    When you need to connect your Shopify store, you can go here to install our Shopify App. After installing the app, follow these simple steps and integrate you Shopify data with Reveal:

    Installation step-by-step

    Step 1:
    Enter your email address and click on “Create my Reveal account” button.

    Step 2:
    In this step, a minimum configuration for you store is needed:

    • Decide whether you want to assign to the same customer account the guest purchases with the same email address as your customer’s. For example, John Doe has an account on your store and buys monthly from you, but his last order was completed without being logged in. If you check this box, then we will also consider John’s last order as part of his customer account.
    • Set up an Average Shop Margin. This will be used as the margin for products that have no acquisition price filled in.

    Step 3:
    Your data (customers, collections, products, orders) is getting ready to be exported into Reveal.

    Step 4:
    After the process is successfully completed, your account has been created and your data has been exported from Shopify and imported into Reveal. The Reveal Connector will display a link towards our web app, called “Reveal Dashboard”.
    We have also sent a Reveal invitation to the email address you have provided us in Step 1. But remember, you can always access Reveal from your Shopify Account by going to Apps and clicking on the application name, “Reveal”.

    Happy customer discovery and insight-ing!

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