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    Reveal’s Audience Builder feature allows you to create and update audiences for Facebook and Instagram Ads based on your real and up to date customer data. In order to send the audiences generated using our Audience Builder into Facebook you need to complete the steps described in this article. After the audiences has been synchronized into Facebook Ads you can use them in your ads.

    Here are the steps you need to follow:

    Step 1: Reveal shop connection

    Go to your shop and further check the Store Settings > Integrations section:

    Step 2: Facebook section edit

    Go to the Facebook section and then click on the pencil button to be redirected to the above page. Here you will need to click on “Connect”:

    Step 3: Facebook account connection in Reveal

    A popup will be displayed. Log into your Facebook account and give Reveal permissions to that account:

    Step 4: Facebook Ads accounts selection

    After that you will be redirected back to the Reveal integration page where a new popup with a selection for all the available Facebook ad accounts will be displayed.

    If the account you logged into doesn’t have any ads account associated an error will be displayed, notifying you that you don’t have access to any Ad Accounts. In this situation, request access from your Facebook admin or create an ads account.

    Step 5: Green light button verification

    Now a green “Connected” button will appear which means that everything was set-up properly and you are ready to use the Audience Builder.

    NOTE! Make sure that you accepted the Facebook Custom Audiences TOS for your ads account in order to have your Audience Builder ready.

    Further, you can read more on how to Use Reveal custom audiences within Facebook Ads account.

    Additional details needed?

    Please don’t hesitate to reach out to our amazing customer support team if you need any additional information.

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