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    Reveal’s Audience Builder feature allows you to create and update audiences for Facebook and Instagram Ads based on your real and up to date customer data. In order to send the audiences generated using our Audience Builder into Facebook you need to complete the steps described in this article. After the audiences has been synchronised into Facebook Ads you can use them in your ads.


    • Facebook Business Account
    • Facebook Ad Account, that is associated with the Facebook Business Account

    Make sure the requirements are checked

    Open your business account settings page ( and make sure you have an Ad Account associated with the chosen business account.

    If there aren’t any Ad Accounts associated in this page then you can associate an existing Ad Account or create a new one:

    Follow the steps in the upcoming wizard in order to finish the association of the Ad Account to the Business account.

    Create a Facebook App

    Go to the Apps section in the menu.

    Create a new app by clicking on Add -> Create a new app ID.

    Depending on your business account type the first screen could be asking you to choose an audience. In this screen please choose always: “Manage integrations for your business“.

    In the upcoming screen select Business type.

    Fill in the next page as shown in this example:

    App display name – Choose a name for your application.
    App contact email address – Use a valid e-mail address.
    App purpose – choose “Yourself and your own business”.

    After the application has been created your will be redirected to the application’s dashboard. From here let’s set up the marketing API by clicking “Set up” in the Marketing API box.

    Create a system user

    Go back to the Facebook Business Settings page by clicking on App Dashboard -> Business settings.

    Select Users -> System users.

    Click on Add and fill in the popup with a username and a role. The role can be Employee or Admin.

    Assign an asset to the system user

    Click on the created user (or any of your already existing users) and press Add assets:

    Click on Ad accounts then select an asset and finally press the switch next to Manage ad account.

    Generate a new token

    Go back to the System users page and press Generate New Token.

    Choose the app you created in the steps above.

    Select the ads_read and ads_management permissions.

    Press the Generate Token button.
    Save the generated token for use in Reveal.

    Get the account information

    Go back to Accounts -> Ad accounts in the left menu.

    Select your Ad Account and you should see the ID in the right side.

    Save this account ID to be used in Reveal.

    Add the Ads Account ID and System User Token to Reveal

    Open up the Reveal Dashboard located at:

    Go to Store Settings > Integrations > Click on the pencil to configure Facebook Settings box

    Enter the Ads Account ID and System User Token generated in the steps above and press Save.

    NOTE! Make sure that you accepted the Facebook Custom Audiences TOS for your ads account in order to have your Audience Builder ready.

    The Facebook Ads integration is now complete. You can go to Audience Builder and start creating your audiences by clicking on the “Go to Audiences” button.

    Additional details needed?

    Please don’t hesitate to reach out to our amazing customer support team if you need any additional information.

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