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The Opportunity

We’re looking for a sales leader to help us disrupt a new product category in the market of eCommerce tech solutions. 

PS: if you recommend that one to us, we will reward you with 1.000€

In the last 8 years, we have helped thousands of websites to generate more sales by improving their conversion rates and received numerous awards.  

We’re on a mission to help 50K eCommerce companies become customer-centric by understanding, nurturing, and delighting their customers, in the next 5 years. 

There’s a huge gap in the market of eCommerce technologies: thousands of midsize eCommerce companies lack the means to understand, monitor & delight their best customers, in order to grow their companies. 

For decades, the focus has been on customer acquisition, neglecting one of the main trade fundaments: under-promise, over-deliver. 

Thanks to our experience of working with thousands of eCommerce companies, we’re developing an innovative solution to track and engage their customers differently based on customer behavior and customer experience, on every channel.

Using this intelligence at all the touchpoints with the customer (in-store, email, ads, website, etc) makes the company customer-centric and significantly improve customer lifetime value. 

It is vital for us to find a Head of Business Development to help us achieve this vision and mission. Without a capable sales leader, we can build the best product in the world, but no one will know about it and no one will make us of it. This role is critical to our success.

In Omniconvert we work on clear and measurable objectives. So, if you think you can take responsibility for the objectives below then please apply because we want to make history together.

The Objectives

Become an expert in your field

> Listen to 100 recorded sales calls 

> Read 26 books in the first year

> Deliver 12 workshops for our customers

Build an outstanding sales team

> Develop & recruit the inside-sales team

> Build a reward & recognition system

> Optimize the sales process & playbook

Increase midsize enterprise sales 

> Talk to 80% of the qualified leads

> Reach a close rate of 25% 

> Grow at a 30% QoQ pace

Now, if you consider that you have the experience and skills necessary to create and lead your team towards achieving these goals, we can’t wait to meet you. But…

> Do not apply if you do not want to work on KPIs, standards, and consequences on things that are 100% in your control!

> Do not apply if you need to be managed! The person we are looking for manages herself/himself and comes along with the necessary actions to achieve the goals of efficiency and growth.

> Do not apply if you need to lean on us! We sponsor your learning and work together, but you are responsible for your own growth!

How to apply:

Send us an email to [email protected] with a (link to) a video in which you explain to us why you have the experience and skills necessary to turn those objectives into reality. You can also attach the CV but we don’t put a lot of value on it.


Our aim is to help you generate 3X your base and give you the chance to have some serious thrills – we already closed deals with large companies such as Avon, Whirlpool, Orange, Decathlon, etc.

On top of this, we’re a global challenger aiming to reach a 100M valuation in 3 years. If you demonstrate that you’re an A-player and reach your objectives this year, you will earn employee stock options in the company. 

We pay our people based on the value they bring, not for the position they hold. So don’t worry, if you deliver, we will definitely find a way to make you owe us 🙂 


  • >3 years of professional work experience in b2b sales.
  • Excellent command of English (both spoken and written)
  • Excellent communication, interpersonal, and organizational skills. You should be a great writer, speaker, and listener.
  • Fearlessness – willing to hop on the phone with new people every single day and explain our value proposition as it relates to each role/company you speak with.
  • An obsession with prospect happiness – set the stage for effective sales follow-up.
  • The courage to challenge the status quo when logic and reason requires it. See something broken? Fix it.
  • Flexibility – things change around here. FAST.
  • The intellectual horsepower to become an expert on eCommerce Growth and the curiosity to keep learning about all its intricacies for years to come.

The Company

Omniconvert is a tech company founded in 2013 in Bucharest, Romania. We’re a team of 30+ people empowering online players around the world to create outstanding customer experiences.

We work with companies like Orange, Avon, Decathlon, Whirlpool, being ranked as “High Performer” by G2Crowd (industry barometer)

Our numbers

Since we made our product availabel, we’re growing strong and… this is only the beginning
Even if Reveal is a fresh product and the work is not done, early adopters love it!

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