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An eCommerce SaaS proudly developed in Romania, we are looking for talented Engineers @Omniconvert to help us maintain, improve and further develop this product to reach new markets and new heights.

Looking for people with experience in at least 2 technologies out of: PHP, Go, SQL, CH.

@Omniconvert, we’ve always been innovators, we love technology and premium services. We are now trendsetters for what is named customer value optimisation as well as one of the few Romanian companies that export technology.

HOW we work is more important than WHAT we do, it is very important for us to team up with a talented and motivated Software Engineer who can help us meet our objectives.

Watch the story about our culture and values: what we stand for and how we act within Omniconvert.

See more details below.

Tech stack

  • PHP with Symfony
  • Go
  • SQL and Clickhouse
  • RabbitMQ
  • JS, CSS
  • Redis, Docker etc

Other keywords that are of interest to you or us: Agile, TDD, DDD, Unit Testing, Automated Testing, DevOps (or better yet, GitOps), Trunk based development and more.


This is the question, isn’t it? Here are some of the reasons:

  • Work with us in a startup-like environment.
  • We are in a constant self-development process so there will be plenty of areas to make an impact or develop yourself.
  • A chance to experiment with new technologies if need be.
  • Healthy work environment.
  • Bring improvements to the DX of the product.

If you qualify for the above, we are looking forward to your application.

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