9 in 10 visitors never make a purchase on your website. The question is: why?

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Know when to ask: Four types of triggers

Trigger branching logic surveys approach the right visitor, at the right moment and generate actionable insights from the answers.

On-click enquêtes

The on-click feedback surveys get triggered when the user clicks on a designated HTML element of the web page such as a button, image or text.

On-load enquêtes

This option allows you to trigger surveys as soon as the page loads. Works well for maximum visibility.

On-scroll enquêtes

Triggered when the user scrolls a certain percentage of the page, this addresses visitors according to their engagement.

On-exit enquêtes

This is the last resort to turn visitors on their journey to convert. Triggered on exit behavior, it is your best last minute opportunity to interact and re-engage visitors. With this insight, you have a higher chance to convert them on the spot or on their next visit.

  • On-click

  • On-load

  • On-scroll

  • On-exit


Ask the best question you’ve got right now

It lets you display relevant questions based on the visitors’ feedback and take them on a journey of your choosing.


Know who you’re asking

Tailor your customer feedback questionnaires. The urban millennial college student with a dream to end plastic and a fierce love of chocolate is different from the sleep deprived yuppy turned mom. They both love Levi’s, though.

Speak their language and stay relevant with our segmentation engine. It’s not face-to-face, but it’s persuasive and profitable.


Get visual

Add images to your website surveys. It will make them fun for people to participate. And it gets you those actionable insights.


Two placement options

Go pop-up or widget style, depending on your goal.

Pop-up surveys

Pop-up surveys are always displayed in the center of the screen. High visibility gets high response rates.

Widget surveys

Widget surveys are less intrusively displayed at the bottom right or left of the page. Less in-your-face, they also tend to have a lower response rate.


Geavanceerde rapportagefuncties

Go to your report center for the nuts and bolts of each survey: how many people answered, who answered what, pie charts, progress bars, or word clouds. All made with data visualization in mind.

Meer functies


Je bepaalt zelf wanneer je experimenten uitvoert. Je kan ook bepaalde dagen of uren in- of uitsluiten.

Volledige HTML-controle

Marketizator laat HTML-code toe in het intro bericht, de header en het bedankt bericht.

8 soorten antwoorden

Bij elke vraag kun je een specifiek type van antwoord kiezen: meervoudige, schaal, grid, enz.

Volledig aanpasbaar ontwerp

Je kan enquête lay-out en kleuren aanpassen, eigen headers en banners toevoegen om de enquête volledig binnen je website look & feel te integreren.

Frequentie instellen

Hoe vaak moeten je bezoekers de enquête uitnodiging zien? Een keer per dag? Iedere keer bij het laden van een pagina? Het is aan jou om te beslissen. Je hebt 100% vrijheid.


Na het invullen van een enquête, kun je hen vragen naar hun gegevens (naam, e-mail, telefoon etc), door het activeren van onze leadgeneratie functie.

Op meerdere pagina’s activeren

Elke enquête uitnodiging kan op één of op meerdere pagina's worden weergegeven.

Meerdere talen beschikbaar

Vertaal direct de functionele enquête teksten in een van de 4 beschikbare talen (meer volgen snel).

How does it work?

Watch some of our most popular surveys in action.

Net promoter score enquête

The Net Promoter Score (NPS) Survey shows you how likely your visitors and customers are to recommend your website to their friends.

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Lead generatie enquête

Pair with our branching-logic questions for qualified leads collection.

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Winkelwagen verlating enquête

To solve, go to the roots. Find out why your visitors abandon their cart.

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Buyer persona enquête

Group participants into buyer personas with branching logic questions for a clearer picture of your customers.

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Surveys get Provident 25% extra leads from same traffic

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