16 Inspiring Optimization Case Studies

Get these 16 in depth case studies of our clients that used optimization to increase their conversion rates.

In the book you’ll get access to behind the scenes information, as if you were standing over the shoulder of our conversion optimization specialists. 

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Companies of all sizes around the world use Omniconvert to grow their conversions

16 in depth case studies of experiments performed with Omniconvert

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Winning ideas to start your own growth experiments

How Avon, OLX, Samsung use conversion optimization

Andrew Connors - Senior Director, PPC at Dashlane

Omniconvert enables a business to do research via online surveys and AB testing, and then apply what they learn through personalization through targeted overlays. Most personalization solutions require the marketer to guess at what each visitor needs. Omniconvert has the tools to eliminate the guessing.

Omniconvert has a simple to learn, elegant interface and top-notch support.

Brian Massey - The Conversion Scientist™

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