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Unlock growth with behavioral targeting and traffic segmentation.

40+ different segmentation criteria

We say we’ve got the best segmentation engine. Because it empowers you to know your visitors in detail. You have 40+ parameters to build actionable insights about them. Exactly what you need to serve them what they want. And for you redefine profitability.


With customer demographics, your website becomes the shop around the corner. In Singapore. And Atlanta. And Milan. Add in weather and get closer to your visitors mood of the day. Plus you’ve got the universal conversation icebreaker. “Did you get your umbrella?”


Segment users is “Have converted before” and “Yet to convert.” Create a segment with a specific number of conversions. Or include the average conversion amount (AOV) and total client revenue for extra clarity.


Behavioral targeting segments visitors as per their actions on your website: first time or returning, number of pages visited, number of days since their last/first visit, landing page in the current session etc.

Parametry UTM

Handy when you want to create custom messages, in sync with the campaigns running. With it, messages in the campaign banners are fine tuned with the landing page. More message relevance translates into higher conversion rates.

Parametry niestandardowe

Say you need a bespoke segment, that does not come inbuilt. Send us cookie information about your visitors. Then create your own segments with any type of attributes. For instance, if the user is logged in. Or their gender. You can also segment as per various layers from Google Tag Manager, or according to specific HTML code on the page.

Źródło ruchu

Segmentation per traffic source is very useful on test run on channel based visitors. Classics include social media traffic (such as Facebook and Twitter), organic traffic (Google) and custom traffic referral sources.


Technology segmentation breaks traffic on criteria such as the visitor's browser, operating system, IP address, screen resolution etc. Mac users on Chrome and Linux users on Firefox are two different nations.

  • Geolokalizacja
  • Konwersje
  • Zachowanie
  • UTM
  • Niestandardowe
  • Źródło ruchu
  • Technologia

Custom combinations with AND/OR operators

Create segments in Omniconvert as easy as in Google Analytics. Use AND and OR operators to mix and match segments and drill down to the exact group of visitors for your test.


It sunny, you head for the park. It rains, kids stay in and you need a new game to entertain them. A storm is cooking on the coast of Chile and oil prices hang in the balance. Our lives are built around weather. Make intelligent use of it on your website and fire up conversions.


Korzystamy z rozwiązań Omniconvert w celu zwiększenia naszej sprzedaży i poprawy wskaźników biznesowych bez potrzeby dodatkowych inwestycji w reklamy i pozyskanie większego ruchu. Omniconvert diametralnie zmienił nasze podejście do pozyskiwania nowych leadów i generowania większej sprzedaży w kanale online.

Dragos Oprea pic
Dragos Oprea Project Manager at T-Mobile

Dzięki Omniconvert możemy wyświetlać naszym odwiedzającym skuteczne zachęty nawiązujące do miejsca skąd nawiązują połączenie do naszej strony oraz pory dnia. Ponadto korzystamy regularnie z testów A/B, aby optymalizować strony i dostosowywać je do potrzeb naszych klientów.

Razvan Acsente pic
Razvan Acsente CLM Group Expert Lead at OLX

Najbardziej doceniam w Omniconvert to, że jest czymś więcej niż narzędzie do testów AB. Dane jakościowe, jakie można zebrać dzięki ankietom, są niezastąpione, aby zaplanować prace i skupić się w pierwszej kolejności na rozwiązywaniu problemów odwiedzających, a nie tylko na własnych pomysłach. Możliwości personalizacji są zdumiewające również pod względem technicznym.

Justin Rondeau pic
Justin Rondeau Director of optimization at Digital Marketier

Omniconvert is a great solution for those new to testing and personalization, and it has the advanced features to grow as the team becomes more sophisticated

Brian Massey pic
Brian Massey CEO at Conversion Sciences

We love getting love.

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