Our clients

Dragos Brinza
Dragos BrinzaDigital Leader @Decathlon.ro
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The help brought by Reveal is structuring the category of customers the way we were not doing before and the capability to approach customers in different new ways in our mission to make sport accessible to the many.

Our desire to understand better our customers and their behaviour during and after the interaction with Decathlon and our will to continue the relationship with our customers even if on the market there are many challenges.

It is a great tool for the infinite war of customer retention: understanding your customers and their behaviour.
Octavian Stefan
Octavian StefanGeneral Manager @OfficeDirect.ro
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The customer segmentation is extremely well done, allowing us to monitor the NPS for each customer group and to become aware of the challenges that our customers are facing according to how valuable they are for us.

As every company is different, Omniconvert Reveal allows you to understand the data behind it and shift your strategy accordingly. You can't find out this unless you try it.