Show your progress to your stakeholders with KPIs that matter.

Start using a solution that helps retail businesses measure what truly impacts the revenue: ROAS, CAC, AOV, Customer Lifetime Value, Retention Rate, etc. Prove your worth as an eCommerce Manager and align your team around advanced and revenue-generating strategies.

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Get insights based on automated reporting that align the entire organization around revenue-generating actions.

Your stakeholders ask for results, but you can’t deliver these results without a solid methodology in place, or with the limited resources you have in your control?

You are asked for reports that don’t laser focus on what can lead to a change with impact in your KPIs? 

Omniconvert helps you track and optimize important metrics for your eCommerce Manager role such as the Customer Lifetime Value, Retention, Revenue, or Margin that prove your worth inside the organization.

When you lack a reporting that shows the impact of your actions to stakeholders

… and you’re drowning in shallow metrics or chaotic reporting such as which are the overall best products sold, without identifying the products bought by your best customers

… and you’re missing the actionable metrics needed to truly impact the business revenue such as who are your best customers, what’s their purchase frequency, what are the chances to place the next order, etc

When you are using resources for chaotic, on demand reporting

… and you and your team are asked for many reports that are time consuming instead of having the reporting one click away

… and the reports offer few insights on what to do to move the needle

When there’s a lack of department alignment and shared goals

… and you don’t have a unified vision of your customer data

… and you don’t see an alignment of the entire organization around revenue-generating actions

We’ll help you navigate the complex world of eComm & Retail
and take control over the results - even with limited resources

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How Omniconvert solves your challenges

Helps you focus on the metrics that matter to bring the desired results

Omniconvert provides a better understanding of the organization’s performance: Customer Lifetime Value, Revenue, splits customers into segments: from your best customers to those that won’t return based on RFM analysis, offers an overview on the product performance, etc

checkmark Keep an eye on the Customer Lifetime Value to generate predictable long-term revenue

checkmark Monitor Product Performance. Identify products that create loyalty and those that drive customers away, and adjust acquisition campaigns accordingly

checkmark Monitor Customer Satisfaction (Net Promoter Score) and get alerts each time a valued customer has a poor experience

checkmark Use the Dashboard to track and check the main KPIs at a glance like Revenue, Margin, Number of Customers, Purchase Frequency, Average Order Value, Average Days Between Transactions, Customer Lifetime Value, Top Product by Revenue, Top Category by Revenue, Most returned product and more

Helps you use your first-party data to lower your CPA and increase your ROAS

You already have the data. Omniconvert uses it to create custom audiences based on RFM segmentation and push these audiences to Meta and Google Ads.

Here is what you can do:

checkmark Create customized acquisition campaigns with audiences resembling your best customers

checkmark Serve highly targeted, cost-sensible ad campaigns for remarketing and acquisition using RFM analysis

checkmark Increase customer loyalty and lift AOV and CLV with personalized email communication

checkmark Retain customers better with email flows like prevention and nurturing campaigns

Helps you take data-driven initiatives based on what truly matters for your customers

Send Net Promoter Score (NPS) surveys and track the likelihood of customers recommending you. Gain accurate feedback to improve your product assortment, marketing strategies, website performance and the customer journey down to any touchpoint. Track and monitor the Customer Experience down to the very last employee.

Omniconvert Reveal is fully integrated with customer support platforms and notifies your teams each time you get a negative score. Your team can quickly act to resolve customer issues and keep the satisfaction level high.

Take into account the most important aspect from a business perspective: the customer and monitor:

checkmark NPS pre and post delivery – Pre-delivery Net promoter score measures the website experience. Post-delivery Net promoter score measures the experience after buying/placing the order and until the customer receives the package. A major gap between the two reflects a possible issue related to the website or other touchpoints until the customer receives the order.

checkmark NPS by Employee – Measure the NPS down to the employee level and identify employees who influence the customer experience.

checkmark NPS by Category/Brand – Identify toxic products (products causing customer churn) and bestselling products. Use customer feedback to refine your assortments based on NPS results.

checkmark NPS per RFM group – You can measure the NPS based on the customer RFM group. Identify whether your loyal customers gave negative feedback and prioritize solving customer issues

Omniconvert Reveal is fully integrated with
your eCommerce suite

Integrate your Omniconvert with your favorite tools

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Why leading brands worldwide work with us:

Combination of product & service

Our combination of advanced technology along with our methodology and specialized services (both in-house and certified partners).


Our architecture allows us to configure and adapt to our client’s unique needs including integration to best in class technology partners

CVO Academy

We have an established ability to train clients and partners in our CVO methodology

Proven solution used by major retailers worldwide.
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