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  • 59

    Bayesian statistics/probabilities

    11 Oct

    Bayesian approach based on statistic probability of a variation to deliver better results.

  • 48

    AI Recommendation engine

    11 Oct

    Empower A/B testing and personalisation with automated product recommendation based on AI algorithm to decide the targeting without human intervention.

  • 29

    Multi-variate testing

    11 Oct

    Hypothesis testing in which multiple variables are modified. Determine which combination of variations performs best.

  • 26

    Machine learning

    11 Oct

    Implementation of Artificial Intelligence algorithms for enhanced personalization.

  • 23

    A/B testing plugin for Chrome

    11 Oct

    Use the A/B testing editor from your own browser, without the need to log in to our platform.

  • 21

    Multi-armed bandit experiments

    11 Oct

    Split testing/optimization using multi-armed bandit methodology.

  • 20

    Email/newsletter triggering system integrated with lead collector

    11 Oct

    An email triggering system working integrated with some of the core features of Omniconvert.

  • 12

    Branch logic for customized interactions with lead collector

    11 Oct

    Build conversation scenarios to treat the objections in real-time using customized interactions with your users.

  • 11

    One-click migration of your experiments (to Omniconvert)

    11 Oct

    Makes your life easier by one-click migration of all your CRO experiments and history to our platform from any other A/B testing / CRO platform.

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Here is our priority work log

Take a look at what our team is working on right now.

  • 1

    Advanced data visualisation/ reports

    A totally new set of analytics and data visualisations.

  • 2

    Integration with other top technologies

    Marketing automation, ecommerce, email or analytics services.

  • 3

    JavaScript API

    Modify the default behavior of experiments in your platform.

  • 4


    Integrate Omniconvert in your own application.