Everything you need to know to effectively increase your customers buying frequency

We offer in-depth knowledge & service about your business, so that you can easily improve your customer return frequency

Our spot-on systems and reports will open your eyes on many things that you did not understand so far, helping you fix and improve what is broken and not performant

Qualitative Research

Let’s find all of these with in-depth qualitative research.

The most advanced process that will unveil your customers’ barriers by assisting them in what’s necessary and what’s not.

This research will bring to light a deeper understanding of your visitors' experience through a more understandable analysis, clear yet nuanced.

Technology handling

Quality assurance


Analysis & Reporting


CRO is about changing the behaviours. RFM is about what behaviour you want to change

Recency • Frequency • Monetary Value = Uplifting profits

Diving into each micro-segment of your customers we analyze what make each and everyone of them, "Tick".

What are the impediments that block your site visitors to go through the whole sale process

- Monitoring the lifetime value of each customer

- Understand why your best customers are buying or why they stop buying

- Identify the patterns that lead you to your ideal buyer persona

What RFM will provide:

Retention Rate Optimization Strategy

Most businesses are not playing the marathon. They are playing the sprint

Retention Rate Optimization is the "Eureka" of eliminating all the reasons why your customers stop buying from you. With our PRO process you will stop haemorrhaging money on acquiring customers and flip them into truly recurring customers.

All your strategies and your tactics that build up massive goodwill must be aligned. That's where experience comes to play.

- Having a big picture about what is really going on with the vital KPI's of your eCommerce: LTV, NPS, CAC

- Segment the customers based on their recency, frequency and monetary value
- Personalize the web experience and email campaigns according to the segment they are in
- Do A/B testing on the website to see which personalisation strategy is the most efficient

- Send any other piece of data you have around your customer from other platforms you are using so that they can address them differently

What this means to your business:

Experiments Implementation and QA

Execution. The hardest, most painful and demanding part of any project.

Having an external professional team which built their experience in implementing all sorts of experiments is the most efficient way to increase conversions.

Our team is trained to take each experiment, implement it depending on your custom framework and your language used, so that each experiment is 100% active, as truly intended.

Then QA team then investigates every possibility of error, just to establish a good well-being of your website and the experiments.

- Experiment implementation

- Goal setting, front-end, goal tracking
- QA on all important browsers, devices, resolutions

What we do for you:


By monitoring every activity you can amplify successful strategies and avoid weak tactics

In a tsunami of incoming data, optimism is naive.

What we brilliantly do is that we regularly monitor the uncertainty of the experiment’s hypothesis and compare it with the new flux of data, to find out the unseen conclusions.

This step is a prerequisite for the reporting step, where our well-equipped staff will analyse all the captured statistics.


A craft takes years to master and our craft provides an easy to understand report.

Pure raw data can be impossible to comprehend and can be a bit overwhelming at first.

What you will receive is an analyst who will accommodate all the data points and will built a report that provide a fluid and image-rich narrative.

This way, your information will be well organized, easy to find and exceptionally uncomplicated.

- Weekly updates regarding the testing evolution

- Bimonthly status call to monitor, approve further tests and receive valuable insights regarding your website

- Monthly performance report regarding the tests that have been conducted on the website

- 3 Months profitability report - we will measure the impact of the winning variations in website's KPIs

Here’s what you’ll get: