Omniconvert’s features are “client-side” designed, meaning that all of the experiments you do with our tool are directly addressed to your website’s visitors.

Integrating all of the Omniconvert features (A/B Testing, Interactions, Surveys) can be easily done at once: you just have to insert a javascript code at the beginning of your HTML code and then forget about it.

The javascript code received by email in the integration process is unique for every website, with a starting size of 45kb. This size will increase, depending on how many active experiments you have in process. The loading speed can be slightly affected since the files are downloaded when a visitor is triggered by an Omniconvert experiment. The file is served through a CDN (content delivery network) which allows delivering the file in different places in the world, to be served from the closest location.

This tracking code contains all of the rules created inside our dashboard and is compatible with every browser with JavaScript Technology enabled.

Our tracking code is hosted by Amazon AWS servers, the leader in “cloud computing”. This is a guarantee that any human or system failure will not affect your website, due to the automated procedures used in the communication process between our system and your website.

Omniconvert’s technology was built by combining advanced technologies like PHP, MySQL, jQuery and innovative technologies, such as MongoDB, Memcache.