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Buyer Persona

A buyer persona is a fictional person created by the data collected from the real world of buyers. It allows the business owners to have a idea of what their prospective clients are looking for and what are they thinking as they are weighing their options when considering to get a solution for the problem that your company is an expert at solving.

The significance of a Buyer Persona

A buyer’s persona is simply much more than a profile dwelling in single-dimension of customers you want to influence. It is more than their journey map and is created to reveal much more about the prospective buyers’ decisions such as their particular moods, and their standards and concerns, which will ultimately decide whether they will end up choosing you or your competitor for resolving their issue.

A buyer’s persona is not a simple description of people who might be interested in your products. In fact, doing it with one-dimensional agenda will results in a lot of personas, which would not be enough to guide your marketing strategies.

What Knowledge you need to have

There is a certain set of knowledge and data you need to be having in order to successfully develop a useful buyer persona. The persona should be built on the basis of real data and market research of your existing customers.

Always remember to include behavior patterns, customer demographics, goals, and motivation of your existing clients in the market when creating a buyer persona. Having as much details as possible will help you get closer to reality and develop a more useful buyer persona.

Being able to create useful buyer persona helps, you get a tremendous insight for your company. It will help you in determining which areas needs more focus so you can put more effort and time in developing products and align it with the needs of your customers.

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