Geolocation Targeting is among the most common techniques used by e-commerce businesses today. It refers to the marketing technique where traffic from specific geographical locations delivers content that is more relevant to where they are visiting the website. In other words, the content shown to every user will be tailored according to his or her geographical locations. This allows marketers to bring relevant content in front of every user.

What Does It Offer?

It is for a fact that location-based marketing is among the most beneficial forms of marketing there is. In the modern-day, geolocation targeting of a user has become more sophisticated than it was ever before. It has become far more personalized for every user. For instance, a person in Europe will see different content while one in America will see content more related to his or her surroundings.

How Does It work?

There are two kinds of content that the user will be able to witness. One is the content he or she wants to see by choice while the other type of content is automated. In simpler terms, some websites allow users to select their location before accessing the website. This allows them to see content that is more relevant to their location. This increases the chance of increasing the conversion rate of the website.

On the contrary, some websites automate their content. This means that the content a user witness is all automated based on his or her geographical location as well as personal information. For instance, a website may have certain generic content while also contain a section where users can look for that company’s services specifically offered in the surroundings of the user. There are several different techniques used to find the exact location of the user like IP spidering or IP delivery for search engine optimization.