The on-load popup is one of the simplest and most commonly encountered types of popup. It appears on the screen of the user right after entering the website. In contrast with the on-exit popup, these tend to be mildly promotional. In other words, on-load popup only offers soft promotions and is not meant to push-sell or immediately draw an action out of the user.

On-load pop-ups are among the best and the most effective techniques to generate sales and turn traffic to qualified leads. They are normally presented to the users who have been on the website before and are familiar with it and what it offers.

How Does It help?

On-load popup not only serves the general purpose of pop-ups—generate sales—but also helps in various other ways. The on-load popup is a proven way to increase the online presence of a brand and to utilize strategies to get an edge over the competition.

In fact, studies have shown that on-load popup has offered websites a conversion rate of over 6% within three months. In addition, the on-load pop-ups are also very well-designed which attracts the users. This plays a factor in a user taking a buying decision as it assists in speeding the entire buying-decision process.

Effective On-load Pop-ups

Although on-load pop-ups are known to generate leads, it is important to make sure that they are being used in the most effective manner possible. This is why they are always well-designed to enhance the experience of the user. These pop-ups are not just common because of their effectiveness, but also because they are the easiest pop-ups to be implemented on a website.

The on-load popup is also a great way for businesses to communicate some important information. To make a visually attractive popup, it is important to use a good popup tool and get into the user’s shoes to get a better idea of what may work.