Turn visitors into lifetime customers

Our solutions help you stay relevant for your customers from acquisition to retention.

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The customer intelligence platform trusted by leading retailers

…and more

Omniconvert provides all the tools you need to acquire and retain the customers in retail

Increase Customer Lifetime Value

Retain, monitor and tailor your entire customer journey to increase your CLV. Leverage first party data to deploy smart acquisition campaigns while retaining your best customers.

Improve Conversion Rate

Our combination of advanced technology along with our methodology and specialized services (both in-house and certified partners).

Tired of acquiring customers that never come back?

We’re pioneering the

#CVO Movement

After decades of focusing primarily on acquisition marketing, 
the market is changing.

The best-run companies know it’s time to shift.

It’s time for #CVO: Customer Value Optimization!
From one-time buyers to lifetime customers. 
From clicks to relationships. 
From just the top of the funnel to the whole customer journey.

Acquire more customers like your best ones.

Create custom audiences for Meta and Google based on your customer data. Improve acquisition by getting customers who spend more and return more often.

Get the insights to grow efficiently.

Use customer surveys to identify your strong points as well as opportunities for improvement. Make business decisions based on customers’ direct feedback and improve all your processes.

Turn website traffic into paying customers.

Use A/B Testing, Website Personalisation, Overlays, and Surveys to improve the UX/UI of your website. Increase Conversion Rates by creating a high-performing website built on strong CRO.

Make better decisions following crucial metrics.

Steer away from shallow metrics and measure what truly impacts the revenue: ROAS, CAC, AOV, Customer Lifetime Value, Retention Rate, etc. Take action on low-performing metrics and invest in tasks

Actively retain customers instead of reacting to churn..

Use RFM analysis to act when high-valued customers stop buying. Get notified each time you get a low NPS and react quickly to customer complaints.

Get informed and take action using tailor-made data and experiences

Customer stories

See how game-changing companies are making the most of every engagement with Omniconvert.

Helping Decathlon stay close to their customers

Providing a directed marketing approach Culture Kings

Empowering Auchan with customer-centric data-driven decisions.

It’s time to grow on autoplay!
Let our Managed Services team run your CVO and CRO program

They asked, we delivered

Omniconvert & ING

+20% in leads

+60% CTR after A/b Testing to identify a better converting landing page.

Omniconvert & Samsung

+26% increase in incremental revenue in a two weeks period through website personalization.

Omniconvert & Avon

+16.5% Add to Cart Rate

+27.9% in conversion rates

+15.41% revenue increase after testing one hypothesis across three sister sites in different countries.

Omniconvert & Alivecor

+200 ideas generated from the audits.

The tests generated conversion rate increases between 8% and even 33% for hypothesis.

Why leading brands work with us

Combination of products & service

Our combination of advanced technology along with our methodology and specialized services for ecommerce and retail companies. (both in-house and certified partners).

CVO Academy

CVO Knowledge provider for digital agencies and end digital marketers, with the purpose of acquiring and servicing their clients.

Customer centric reporting

Our solution offers clarity to the leadership team and entire organization about the customer portofolio health and the financial impact of how the company operates.

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Master all eCommerce tactics: from acquisition to retention.

World-class experts teach you advanced CVO tactics to set your eCommerce store for success.