The story of Omniconvert

It all started back in 2011, when...

… I was  working as the CMO of the leading website for selling car insurance policies.
At that time, I struggled to understand how to improve the conversion rate and customer retention.

Together with my team of developers, I started to survey our best customers to understand which are their struggles and what made them buy again.

Thanks to that, we started to run experiments on our website and to change our acquisition campaigns.

That was a huge success, and, in one year, me and my team managed to increase the company’s revenue from online marketing by 36%. 

So, we decided to create a technology that will help other eCommerce companies to understand, convert, and nurture their customers throughout their entire lifespan.

I decided to start a new company that would develop solutions meant to address this challenge.

In august 2013, with a team of four people our company was born and the road ahead was looking bright.

Valentin Radu, Founder & CEO

The road ahead was looking bright for us and we celebrated each and every milestone


August 2013

Our platform is live & kicking! Our first paying customers! We were juggling creating content to sustain the distribution of the product, doing events, and localizing Omniconvert in different countries. We had traded sleep for the sheer joy of building something the whole world needed.


January 2014

Headcount: 7! We were now handling our own marketing and all the nuts and bolts a start-up has to in order to survive.

February 2015

Omniconvert serves  >1500 websites. G2 named us the “highest overall customer satisfaction” CRO tool.

March 2016

Leading private equity growth and venture capital fund Catalyst Romania invests 1 million EUR in Omniconvert

October 2016

We decided to rebrand our company. Our former name, Marketizator, was hard to spell, and we decided to leave it in our history. After an intense process, Omniconvert won as the most comprehensive name for us. Our mission at that time: bring smart CRO to the world’s eCommerce.

January 2017

We got a serious hit from our assumptions: our go-to-market strategy was not working as the product was to complex and our target customer had not enough talent inside to be able to use the product properly. Churn was our no. 1 enemyWe had to revision our team structure and had to let 19 people go from our team. 

May 2017

Got funded by the EU to develop a machine-learning product for conversion rate optimization. Armed with a lot of enthusiasm, we focused on the future

November 2017

Working closely with our eCommerce customers, we realized we have to triple down on the innovation regarding personalization. So, we kicked off the development of a customer intelligence platform: segment & nurture the customers according to their value & experience. At first, with a Magento extension.

February 2018

We re-engineered the A/B testing reporting. Now, there are 2 types of reporting: frequentist and Bayesian. That allows websites with lower traffic to gain insights from their experiments earlier. 

December 2018

After days of brainstorming the strategy, we’ve decided to focus heavily on educating the market about customer retention. 

April 2019

We’ve launched Omniconvert Reveal for the first beta customer. The exact words of the CEO: “I’ve realized how little I knew about my customers. And I had the data all these years…” 

May 2019

We’ve launched Growth Interviews: a podcast & Youtube series with real experts from all over the world sharing their insights about how to achieve sustainable growth.

October 2019

Omniconvert Adapt is officially launched at Bucharest with the first 4 customers in the drive-test. 

November 2019

It’s official: Omniconvert Reveal is born: RFM segmentation on autopilot. Lifetime value vs customer acquisition cost vs NPS. Cohort analysis & buying patterns - all available instantly based on historical data for Shopify Merchants.


January 2020

Omniconvert has once again achieved a ‘High Performant’ rating on the Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) Report, as a result of positive reviews by verified users, compared to similar products in the CRO category.


April 2021

We teamed up with 8 A-level eCommerce experts and launched the CVO academy to help companies grow their customer lifetime value and individuals learn and apply the CVO methodology, in order to become certified CVO experts.

January 2022

We're now a team of 50 people! Hundreds of companies are using Omniconvert tools and our rating is a perfect 5/5 on the Shopify app marketplace.

Our story. Growing strong.

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