It's time to find out the truth about your customers.

Empower your eCommerce team with unique insights about customer behavior.

Have you ever wondered how many of your total customers are repeat customers and loyal to you? Customer Retention rate is a metric that shows you this, very often ignored.

Less than 40% of the eCommerce professionals measure the Customer Retention Rate while they focus too much on acquiring new customers. 

Reveal not only calculates for you the Customer Retention Rate on a given period of time, but also measures: 

  • The Share of Margin for each Customer type
  • The Share of Margin for every RFM group 
  • How prone are your customers to place the next order 

Customer-centric organizations understand the unique problems and expectations of their customers as well as the context of those needs.

Knowing your customers is the first and most important step towards a customer-centric mindset and building your Customer Retention strategy.

The Business Analytics section will give you clarity on the growth or anomalies that happen within your Shop transforming your raw data into actionable insights.

Your customers are different. They have different needs, expectations and buying behaviors.

Buying behavior is one of the most important indicators of future repeat purchases and customer loyalty. Buying behavior is also a key indicator of your customer lifetime value.

What are your customers’ buying behaviors?

From Soulmates to Ex-Lovers, discover which Customer Segment is most valuable to your shop using Reveal’s RFM Segmentation module.

RFM Segmentation stands for recency, frequency, monetary value. It is used to create customer segments based on buying behavior. By knowing:

  • When people buy (recency)
  • How often they buy (frequency)
  • How much they spend (monetary)

PS: Our team & partners can assist you in defining the point values for R, F, M so they make sense for your type of activity and business size.

For retailers, it is vital to understand how customers FEEL

Give your customers a voice and understand how their feelings relate to your services, products, and brands. 


Net Promoter Score (NPS) is the crucial metric for any company willing to earn loyal customers and predicting customers’ behavior.


But what if you could correlate customer voice with customer buying behavior, and assortment data?

REVEAL automatically does all of this with all the historical data, providing you precious insights regarding the best or worst brands, customers, or products.

Acquiring customers is more expensive than ever

Since 2013, Facebook CPC has grown 8 times, while retail eCommerce sales worldwide have increased by 158%.

In the current landscape, competition is brutal and customer acquisition costs are going up. This makes it harder and harder to acquire new customers.

The higher the revenue, the higher the focus on customer retention

More than 50% of the companies with annual revenue of at least 11M$ either dedicate budget to retention or include retention in their marketing budgets

Did you know that acquiring a customer typically costs around 6-7 times more than retaining one?

That’s why building your Customer Retention strategy is a key factor that will influence your growth… and your survival in the highly competitive eCommerce industry.

And that is why we built REVEAL.

Your Customer Intelligence Platform.


  • Who's your ideal customer profile
  • What made people buy from you
  • How often they buy certain products
  • What made some of them stop buying
  • Which are the most important brands, categories, customers
  • Buying patterns & Assortment anomalies


  • The retention rate
  • The lifetime value
  • The customers that matter with RFM Segmentation
  • Cohorts of your best customers
  • VoC: Customer effort, Customer Satisfaction, NPS
  • The most profitable segments of customers


  • Personalize their experience on website, email, ads, etc.
  • Prioritize the customers that matter
  • Solve their problems faster

Empower your Growth Team

with unified insights about your customers behaviour.

REVEAL is your partner in understanding your customers.

REVEAL will deliver automated insights into your customers’ buying behavior to empower your eCommerce business. You will no longer need to spend time and resources to dig into your own data because once installed, REVEAL will be able to give the most important Customer Retention metrics:

  • RFM segmentation
  • NPS Score Monitoring
  • Buying Behaviour
  • Ongoing Personalization

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