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CRM chaos and spreadsheet hell are holding you back.

Stop customers from churning and get internal alignment with OmniConvert’s Customer Intelligence Platform. Get real-time, confident answers to all of your customer-critical questions so you can run better, grow faster, and win more.

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The holy trinity of customer-centricity

It’s time to make these 3 things happen

Make your customers happy and prevent churn

Monitor what matters/ Get the big picture

Keep your customers engaged

Customer Experience

There’s nothing stopping the customer from replacing you with the competition next door. Except for a customer experience so exceptional that it creates an unwavering loyalty. Use the NPS feature to identify recurring problems in your store. Identify patterns and take action to fix complaints.

Ensure nothing in your customer experience is pushing customers away.

NPS Pre and Post Delivery

Monitor the customer’s satisfaction throughout his entire journey.

Confirm you’re delivering on your promise.

If not, take action to close the gap and deliver Customer Nirvana.

NPS by Store and Location

Pinpoint and isolate any stores or locations dragging the business down. 

Identify recurring customer issues and solve them before it’s too late.

Get a clear understanding of necessary improvements and analyze your stores in the tiniest detail.

Deliver unbeatable customer experiences across all stores in all locations.

NPS by Employee

Unhelpful consultants, annoyed cashiers, or clueless store managers could lose you a customer forever.

Monitor the customer’s experience with your employees at every step of the buying journey.

From the cashier to the delivery team, ensure each employee offers a great experience, retaining customers in the long-run.

NPS by product/brand/category

Are your customers as happy as you’re assuming?

Find out how they really feel toward your products, brands, and product categories. 

Effortlessly detect any anomalies in your product assortment. 

Take steps to ensure your customers consistently receive top-notch merchandise that compels them to return to your store.

NPS Alerts

Get real-time notifications each time a high-value customer gives a low NPS score (offline or online). 

Be proactive and intervene before letting a loyal customer slip through the cracks. 

Empower your CX teams to prioritize their resources, mitigate poor experience, and offer immediate support in case of any customer complaint.

Providing a directed marketing approach Culture Kings

“We believe in creating excitement for our customers when they buy our products. But you also have customers who aren’t that excited.

Reveal’s NPS feature allowed our marketing to be much more directed at customers who didn’t have the greatest experience. We’ve been able to turn them into raving fans.”

Daniel Small, Chief Digital Officer
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Customer Intelligence Report

Maximize product profitability and fine-tune your acquisition campaigns, product inventory, and customer-service initiatives.

With just a quick look, you’ll identify your best-selling products, products that generate customer loyalty, or products that drive people into the arms of your competitors.

There’s a small step from unlocking insights you never knew existed, to achieving results you never believed you were capable of – take it today.

Actionable Insights

Blending HOW the customers feel with WHAT the customers do leads to internal alignment: your entire organization is united around the customer, and every department operates at its best, creating experiences that drive the business forward.

Buying Habits

Uncover Products/Categories from the 1st order that generate repeat purchases and unlock insights you never knew existed.

Spot toxic products causing customer churn after the 1st order and eliminate them from your acquisition campaigns.

Identify the products that brought your best customers over a certain period and promote them more often in your campaigns.

Movers & Shakers

Easily spot which products or brands are crushing it and which ones are struggling, compared to the past.

You’ll know exactly what’s hot for products, having the power to keep those must-have items in stock. Never lose customers because weren’t prepared to meet their demands again.

For vendors or locations, you’ll spot anomalies at a glance.

You’ll quickly notice if something’s gone through a fantastic evolution (replicating it to other locations) or taken a nosedive (and intervene before you lose any more money).

Customer Lifetime Value

Monitor CLV and unlock the true potential of your customer relationships.

Track and analyze the purchasing behaviors & patterns of your customers over time.


Discover who your most valuable customers are, understand their preferences and buying habits like never before, and make room for more data-driven decisions.

Increase revenue in a long-term and sustainable way, moving on from short wins to a more tactical approach to marketing.

Helping Decathlon stay close to their customers

“To understand customer behavior we need to collect, analyze, and use the right data.
Omniconvert understands online and offline business.
They help us progress on Omnichannel thanks to their out-of-the-box way of thinking and experience in data management.”
Daniel Small, Chief Digital Officer
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Customer Engagement

When you can’t count on a steady stream of new monthly customers to drive your business forward, you need something else.

Something better.

Unlock unparalleled and actionable insights about your customers and use them to inform your acquisition, retention, and loyalization strategies.

From Soulmates to Breakups, from Email Marketing to Paid Ads, it’s time to get tactical and data-driven.

RFM Segmentation

Segment your entire customer base into smaller groups based on their past behavior and quickly identify high-value, loyal customers and potential churners.

Target each customer segment with the right retention, prevention, and loyalization campaign to prevent churn, increase loyalty, and generate more recommendations.

Email marketing

Sync Reveal with your email marketing tool to can create campaigns, flows, and segments based on the RFM score and other dynamic customer data from Reveal.

Identify the most valuable customers for your business and effortlessly create actionable audiences for your marketing communications.

Keep your most loyal customers close, win over potential customers, and avoid losing anyone along the way!

Audience builder (FB/Google)

Start optimizing your store’s ad campaigns using the Dynamic Audience Builder and generate better audiences based on your most valuable resource: your first-party data.

Attract more customers like your best customers and keep the acquisition costs as low as possible.

Empowering Auchan with customer-centric data-driven decisions.

“Customers give us access to insights. The battle is delighting customers and making them come back.

The Omniconvert team is like our partner, who cares about our needs and provides a working solution – not just a mere tool that may not work for us.”

Teodor Serban, Digital Director, Auchan Romania
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That's how you take action

A man sitting in front of a computer.
CEO (local markets)/Retail/Omnichannel
You’re in charge of the overall strategic direction and organization’s leadership. Your day-to-day is filled with critical decisions, setting the company’s vision and goals, and ensuring that all departments work towards achieving those objectives. You can’t rely on gut instincts when the company is in your hands.
CX Manager/CRM/Retention Manager
You’re bringing all departments together into creating mind-blowing customer experiences. The customer’s satisfaction, loyalty, and long-term value depend on your strategies and initiatives. Sometimes it feels as if you have to read customers’ minds. And proving your work’s impact on the bottom line is a challenge in itself.
Marketing Manager
Your job is to promote the company’s products, attract and retain the right customers, and drive business growth. And you’re somehow expected to do it all while fighting the competition, high marketing costs, and customers’ everchanging needs and expectations. You need actionable reports, real-time data, and agility to meet your goals and wow stakeholders with your results.

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  • Discover Strategies: Learn how to maximize your Customer Lifetime Value (CLV) and boost your profits
  • Predictive Analysis: Get insights on future customer behavior to make informed business decisions.
  • Retention Insights: Understand how to enhance customer loyalty and reduce churn rate
  • Competitive Advantage: Stay ahead of the competition by understanding your customer’s value better.
  • Personalized Approach: Explore tools for personalized marketing, leading to improved customer satisfaction.
  • Data-Driven Decisions: Harness the power of customer data to make strategic decisions that increase ROI.
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