Unlock data-driven growth for your eCommerce.

Increase the number of loyal customers, improve Customer Lifetime Value, and maximize profits with automated RFM segmentation and actionable insights for your eCommerce business.

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1500+ brands already use REVEAL to achieve better marketing results and drive better customer experiences

Customer Analytics & Segmentation

Predictive insights to retain and nurture the most profitable customers.

REVEAL uses automated RFM segmentation to identify your most valuable customers and treat each customer segment accordingly.

Accelerate the next purchase for new customers and stimulate repeat buying behavior.

eCommerce Analytics

Automatically generated KPIs to gain more valuable customers.

REVEAL makes complex eCommerce data easy to understand & visualize, generates insights, and helps you treat customers differently on every channel.

Product Performance

Create a high-performing assortment and stay above your competition.

Find the best products that generate loyalty and the worst products that are churning your customers.

Use detailed product performance KPIs to improve your product assortment and create more appealing offers for your new and existing customers.

Customer Experience

Automated pre and post-delivery NPS surveys that give customers a voice.

Measure and improve customer experience pre and post-delivery by understanding if the expectations your marketing creates are met in your customers’ eyes.


Integrate REVEAL with your favorite tools to unlock the full potential of Customer Value Optimization.

Transform first party-data into your super-power. Make REVEAL part of your eCommerce ecosystem and let generate new data, tags and audiences for highly targeted marketing and sales campaigns on all channels.

REVEAL highlights

Monitor eCommerce analytics in our advanced automated reporting system and gain actionable data for your CVO efforts

Customer Lifetime Value

Historical & Predictive CLV

Find the customer value you can expect & obtain

Customer Retention

Customer retention

How good are you at generating repeat customers

Top Customers

Top Customers

Identify your most valuable customers

Average days between transactions

Average days between transactions

How much it takes until a customer places a new order

Gross Margin

Gross Margin

See the Profit generated by each product sold

Chances to place the next order

Chances to place the next order

How likely the customer is to place another order

Cohort Analysis

Cohort Analysis

How are you retaining new customers over time

RFM segmentation

RFM segmentation

Split your customer data base into RFM groups

Buying habits

Buying habits

Generate detailed customer behavior research

Net Promoter Score

Net promoter Score

Measure and monitor customers' happiness

Top Products & categories

Top products & categories

Identify your best-performing products

Top brands

Top brands

Identify your best-performing brands

Product Returns

Product Returns

Gain a deep view of your order returns

Net Revenue

Net revenue

Find your earnings after subtracting expenses

Average Order Value

Average Order Value

How much your customers are spending on each order
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Our clients are using REVEAL to achieve better, sustainable results through smart segmentation and retention.

(80+ reviews)
Otter.ro case study

See how Otter grew its retention rate by 30% using REVEAL

“When I saw that a few of our customers have a big impact on revenue and we’re constantly losing a lot of them, I realised we need to look deeper into the customer data.

So we got REVEAL. It was Amazing! It was brain-opening for me and the entire e-commerce team! “

Cristi Movila

Former Director of Ecommerce, Otter.ro

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