Customer Analytics & Segmentation

Accurate segmentation and valuable insights to attract, retain, and nurture the most profitable customers.

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RFM segmentation

Automated RFM analysis helps you define accurate customer segmentation, identify your Ideal Customer Profile so you can focus on nurturing your most important customers.

CRM / Single Customer View

Improve your Customer Profiles by adding new data to your CRM. Find who your top customers are based on metrics like revenue, margin, and the number of placed orders.

See your entire history with each client in one place.

Business Profitability

Find how the Revenue and Margin are distributed between your customer segments. Compare results to determine which customer segments are more valuable to your business.

Customer Loyalty

Get insights for an effective customer loyalty program. Push data to various channels and treat customers differently, according to the segment they belong to.

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Marketing Effectiveness

Automated customer-driven decisions help you adjust your marketing strategies. Build unique omnichannel experiences for your customers based on their buying behavior.

Customer Experience

Use pre and post-delivery NPS surveys to give customers a voice and learn how you can improve customer satisfaction and customer experience.

Business Predictability

Use historical and predictive analytics to understand your customers’ behavior and anticipate their next moves so you can improve what matters most in eCommerce: Customer Lifetime Value.

Product Affinity

Find the best products that generate loyalty and the worst products that are churning your customers. Use this data for personalized offers and improved sales.


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“When I saw that there are few customers that have a big impact in terms of revenue for each year and that we are constantly losing a lot of customers, I realised the right thing to do is to look deeper into the customer data.”

Cristian Movila

Former Director of eCommerce ,

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Reveal integrates by reading and interpreting JSON feeds through automated or manual import/export or through API access.