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Not too long ago, you couldn't find enough decent jobs in the tech space in Romania, unless you wanted to work in outsourcing. We've started Omniconvert aiming to build a tech product from A to Z. Our track record shows that we're making it happen. But there's more to come: we aim to disrupt the phygital retail landscape with the help of data-driven insights and experts. Let's see if you have what it takes!
Valentin Radu
Founder & CEO
Andrada Vonhaz

Why should you work at Omniconvert? Because it’s a game changer! No joke. There’s never a dull moment, you learn every day something new, the colleagues are amazing and the management is nothing but supportive of your career path. What more could you wish for? For me, it has definitely been a ride of a lifetime and I’ve been enjoying every minute of it.

Andrada Vonhaz

Marketing Project Manager

Anca Gogea

Omniconvert is the place you feel like home. It’s the place you have real growth opportunities and you feel determined to learn new things and grow more and more. Here you feel valuable, appreciated and safe. That plays a key role in you being more productive. The atmosphere is amazing and you are always getting the right support from the management to become better and better.

Anca Gogea

QA Analyst

Elena Sfetcu - AA8A3956

Working at Omniconvert has been a dream that came true after 2 years of imagining how it would be like to work for them. Here, I am getting more than I ever expected in terms of professional growth opportunities, learning, personal growth and most of all working environment. For me, Omniconvert stands for highly skilled professionals, great people with lot of knowledge and best practices.

Elena Sfetcu

Team Lead & Sr. CRO Strategist

Georgian Ivan

The work environment is amazing and you always get the right support from the management if you have any difficulties. I love how much the management is involved in helping the team grow and strive. Working in the Development Department I managed to adapt very fast to the on-going projects because of how well they are organized within the department. I also had the freedom to come with my own inputs and be a part of the decision making processes within the projects I am working.

Georgian Ivan

Frontend Developer

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