The all-inclusive audit

First, we release our best data analyst on your Analytics account for the deepest insights. Think one-ring-to-rule-them-all deep. We’ll get them.

Then we put our UX and CRO skills to work, and break, melt, and cast them into the most important growth opportunities for your business.

Everything that you need to know to effectively increase your conversions

Google Analytics Health Check

We help you better understand your visitors and what they want with a healthy implementation.

Google Analytics is never a standalone function. It requires an extensive interaction with other actions (email, search, social media). And only this way it will have a positive and direct influence on your ROI.

There is no point in collecting data if your business cannot or does not know how to use it.

That is why we offer you a reliable & accurate system that provides powerful and actionable insights.

UI/UX Audit

Have you ever tried searching for something only to get results for a completely different thing? Then you know how frustrating it can be.

The idea behind usability is simple.

You need to analyze any given design with two main questions in mind:

The audit will provide:

Quantitative Research

Hands down you’ll have the complete overview on all the data you gathered so far.

The truth is in your funnels, landing & exit pages, the share of revenue & share of sessions, revenue per visitor, page depth & advanced events, plus many more.

To find the hidden gems in there, we will do a thorough analysis that focuses on:

Qualitative Research

The most advanced process that will unveil your customers’ barriers by assisting them in what’s necessary and what’s not.

This research will bring to light a deeper understanding of your visitors’ experience through a more understandable analysis, clear yet nuanced.

Let’s find all of these with in-depth qualitative research.

Technology handling

Quality assurance


Analysis & Reporting

Technical Audit

For a website to grow, you need to have everything, fully set up properly. You have to ensure that you’re getting all the right information.

With the technical upgrades we recommend for implementation, and due to our powerful methods provided for improving your website’s performance, you’ll get better search engine ranking while providing a seamless user experience for your visitors.

This is Achilles’ heel for any business, especially for the one who’s trying to grow.

What we do for you:

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