Glossary of terms



Adaptive Content

Definition Adaptive content is a dynamic approach to digital marketing that designs specific online experiences for individual users based on

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A/B Testing

A/B Testing (also called split testing or bucket testing) is a technique used to determine if a specific change made

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Buyer Persona

Buyer Persona Definition A buyer persona is a fictional character created from real-world buyer data. It enables business owners to understand the needs and thoughts

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Behavioral Targeting

Definition Behavioral targeting is a digital marketing technique in which you gather and analyze user data, create user profiles based on this data, and then

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Behavioral Segmentation

Retail and eCommerce professionals face unprecedented challenges in acquiring and retaining customers: rising acquisition costs, customers becoming increasingly mindful of spending, and competitors left and

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Baseline Conversion

Definition In the field of Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO), baseline conversion refers to the initial conversion rate observed on a website (or any other digital

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When competition for attention is fierce, and consumers are tired of seeing ads everywhere, businesses constantly seek ways to elevate their brand visibility. Among these

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Customer Segmentation

Definition Customer segmentation means separating your entire customer base into smaller, easier-to-manage customer segments. Segmentation helps you improve the quality of customer experience and create

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Customer Empathy

Customer Empathy Definition Customer empathy is the ability to understand and share the feelings of a customer. This means being able to put yourself in

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CRO Test

What Is a CRO Test Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) Test refers to the different types of testing methodologies used in CRO processes to identify the

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Cookie Segmentation

Definition Cookie segmentation is the practice of categorizing website users into distinct groups based on the data stored in their browser cookies.  Cookies are small

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In marketing, a conversion is an action taken by a website visitor, that is considered profitable for the website’s owner, and is encouraged through call-to-action (CTA) messages.

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Control Page

Definition The control page is the standard version of a page or app, against which CRO professionals are measuring variations’ performance. This page represents the

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Cohort Retention Rate

Cohort retention rate and customer stickiness are two important metrics that businesses use to understand and improve their relationships with their customers. Cohort retention rate

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Cohort Analysis

Understand the significance, benefits, and potential of the cohort analysis. Discover how to apply it in and improve Customer Retention.

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Click Map

Definition A click map, also spelled as a clickmap, is a form of website heatmap that illustrates the areas where users interact with an interface. 

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Churn Rate

What is the Churn Rate? The Churn rate is a broad term referring to the action of people leaving a specific group in a given

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Cart Page

Definition The cart page is a fundamental component of an eCommerce website, allowing prospects to inspect and organize items they plan to buy.  It acts

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Captive Product Pricing

What Is Captive Product Pricing? Captive product pricing is a pricing strategy that is often used by companies to increase their profits. This strategy involves

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Dynamic Content

Dynamic content is web content that adjusts in real time to the user’s behavior, preferences, and interactions. This can be done by showing users things

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Exit Popup

Get a better understanding of exit-intent popus. Discover best-practices in creating them and effective strategies to applying them.

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CRO Experiment

Understand what an Experiment means in Conversion Rate Optimization and discover 7 Different CRO Experiment Examples and Ideas.

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Funnel Testing

Definition Funnel testing represents comparing not just two pages against each other but multiple related pages that are all part of your sales funnel.  Funnel

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Form Testing

Definition Form testing refers to the process of assessing your online form’s quality and effectiveness.  Generally, form testing is done by testing elements such as

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Growth Hacking

Definition Growth hacking, alternatively named ‘growth marketing,’ refers to using marketing strategies that are both resource-efficient and cost-effective.  Its primary objectives are to foster the

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Hypothesis (CRO)

Definition The Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) hypothesis is a fundamental statement that serves as the basis for any A/B test or experiment conducted on a website.  Similar

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Hero Image

Definition In web design, a hero image serves as the initial visual element—be it a photograph, graphic, illustration, or video—that greets visitors on a web

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Heat Map

A heat map is a graphic representation of data in which values are represented by colors. They allow you to track and record what visitors

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Definition In the context of web and mobile experiences, “interstitials” refer to elements that appear between two main pieces of content, often in the form

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Lifetime Value

Definition Customer Lifetime Value (CLV) is an important metric representing the total predicted revenue a company can expect to earn from a customer throughout their

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Micro Conversion

Definition In the context of digital marketing, micro conversions represent all actions guiding customers toward the ultimate objective, namely, macro conversion. To draw the line

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Null Hypothesis

Definition The null hypothesis in the context of A/B testing represents the absence of an effect or difference between the compared variants.  Now, let’s look

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Organic Traffic

Organic traffic refers to visitors who come to your website through unpaid search engine results. This type of traffic, which is highly valued by website

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Online Survey Tools

What Are Online Survey Tools? Online survey tools are software solutions that provide the ability to create, run and interpret various types of surveys either on the

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Product Page

Definition The product page in eCommerce serves as a comprehensive showcase detailing the product features, manufacturer information, and applications (among other essential details.) This dedicated

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Product Cannibalization

Product Cannibalization Definition Product cannibalization is a phenomenon that occurs when a company’s new product or service competes with and reduces the demand for one

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Popup Banner

Definition A popup banner is an image that emerges in the forefront when navigating a website.  Users can engage with this window if it includes

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Split Testing

Split Testing Definition Split testing is the activity of randomly distributing the incoming traffic to the website between two different URLs of the same page

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Shopping Cart Abandonment

Definition Shopping cart abandonment refers to customers adding products to their online shopping cart but leaving the website without completing the purchase.  Causes contributing to

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Session Recording

Definition Session recording is an instrument used by researchers to acquire qualitative insights on visitors’ website behavior and experiences.  With session recordings, marketers and CRO

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Scroll Map

Definition A scroll map is a visual representation of how visitors engage with your website by scrolling through its pages.  Think of it as a

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Trust Badge

Definition Trust badges, also known as trust seals or security seals, are small visual cues placed on a website to instill confidence in visitors.  These

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Traffic Segmentation

Definition Traffic segmentation in marketing is a strategic method where you organize visitors into different groups based on specific criteria, to pinpoint the various sources

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Tracking Code

Ever wondered how businesses gather valuable insights into user behavior, measure website performance, and optimize their marketing strategies? It all starts with an inconspicuous piece

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Thank You Page

While often an afterthought, the Thank You Page holds immense potential for nurturing customer relationships, boosting conversions, and leaving a lasting positive impression on your

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Test Duration

Definition In the realm of digital marketing, the term “test duration” refers to the timeframe during which an A/B test is conducted.  While there isn’t

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Definition A UTM link (abbreviated from Urchin Tracking Module) refers to a specific set of parameters attached to a URL to track users landing on

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User Intent

Definition User intent refers to a user’s underlying purpose or goal when conducting a search query through a search engine.  User intent considers the keywords

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Uplift (CRO)

Definition At its core, a CRO uplift signifies the positive change or improvement in the conversion rate of a website, app, or any other digital

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Voice of Customer

What Is Voice of the Customer (VOC)? Voice of the Customer (VOC) is a term used to describe the collective feedback and opinions of a

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Definition A variation refers to a modified version of a webpage or a specific element within a webpage.  These modifications are used in A/B testing

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Website Personalization

Definition Generally speaking, website personalization is the process of adjusting the content, layout, and overall user experience of a website to meet the individual preferences

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Website Optimization

Definition Website optimization is the process of refining a website’s performance through an experimental and impact-focused strategy. Conversion Rate Optimization facilitates this process. Conversion Rate

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Website Feedback Survey

Website feedback surveys are an online marketing technique for collecting qualitative data from visitors or customers. They are delivered to users directly on the website

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Weather Targeting

Weather targeting is a marketing strategy involving grouping consumers based on weather conditions or weather-related data and then creating specific approaches according to the weathers

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