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Powerful segmentation engine

If you want to deploy variations to different segments of visitors and measure their impact, our segmentation engine will provide exactly what you need.

Weather Segmentation
Dynamic text replacement

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Run A/B tests on any type of device

Long gone are the days of desktop-only optimization. With Omniconvert, you can create A/B tests for your visitors regardless if they're on tablet, mobile or desktop.


Advanced reporting

Omniconvert helps you run better A/B tests based on the reports it provides. Use graphic representations and other A/B testing tools such as our statistical calculator to make sure you take the best decision every time.

More Features

Statistical relevance calculator

In order to validate any A/B Test you first want to make sure that it has a statistical relevance of at least 95%. We calculate it automatically for you in the reporting area.

On-click triggering

With the help of the editor, you can select any HTML element on the page in order to trigger a survey or website overlayer.

Set your own goals

Super-easy! You can use point and track clicks, a specific URL or an event-based option.

Include multiple pages

Besides being able to test any page on your website (homepage, cart page etc.) you can also test multiple pages in one experiment.


You decide when to run your experiments. You can also exclude/include specific days or hours.

Dynamic content

Change part of your web copy to include data you know about the visitor: location, weather, cookie information, etc.

Stacked tests

Any winning variation of an A/B test can become the control for your future test, without actual implementation. This feature greatly speeds up your optimization process.

Split testing

With split testing, you can test two different URLs against each other, instead of testing changes of the same page.

Telekom got 30% more leads by A/B testing a contact form

"We used Omniconvert to increase our sales and conversion KPIs without extra costs with media advertising. Omniconvert helped us grow our expectations in terms of lead capturing and orders placed through the eShop."
Dragos Oprea
Project Manager at Telekom

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