A landing page is simply a website page where you get to collect information about your visitors who fill out a form in order to get your offer(e.g. : downloading a webinar, whitepaper, ebook or subscribing for free trials, demos etc.) Also, this is the place where your visitors land after they have clicked on a call-to-action button on your website, pay-per-click ad, blog, offer and so on. A good landing page that will convert your visitors into leads or sales should be targeted to a particular segment of traffic.

Why is the Landing Page so vital?

Look at the landing page as the heart of the conversion-centered design. Using the design to accomplish your conversion goals is a one specific action for your business. Being pointy and going straight to the Achile’s Heel by designing experiences with one specific goal means efficiency. Why is that? Customizing each type of content allows you to give valuable and relevant information to your visitors. Just think about it: you wouldn’t like to be promised a free ebook and when landing on the page you simply cannot find the form. In this situation you have to search by yourself for the benefits that you have been promised to get. So, after you decided what you want your visitors to do, make it easier for them to accomplish the tasks.

How can you build an effective landing page?

1. Clear Headline: Not showing a headline on a landing page is like letting your visitors getting lost into the jungle by night.Yes, that bad! At their first glance, they deserve to know what the offer is about.

2. Concise and Clear Content: The body of your landing page should give details on what was mentioned in the headline. The benefits of your offer can be emphasized with numbering and bullets. Moreover, the content and copy are the main elements to give incentitives to act for your visitors.

3. Relevant Image: The role of an image is to reinforce the benefits that were mentioned in the copy. The visuals are more likely to be remembered by your visitors and to engage more.

Little bonus:Talking about engagement, do not forget to create a Thank-You page for the visitors that converted, for your new leads. They have dedicated time to get your offer.


4.Simple and Clear Layout: No user on Earth would like to land on a page with long or infinite paragraphs, with a small size of the font and a dark color on a black background. In order to simplify the layout and make it more friendly, try to use bullets, bold or italic font for the important aspects, numbers, points, so you can better organize all the information.

5. Navigation: Don’t let your visitors to get lost on your website. If you want them to specifically complete one task, make their way as easy as possible. If they start to roam other parts of the website, they may forget what was their final purpose: getting your offer! Eliminate any obstacle like top navigation or other links, but keep the Privacy Policy, so they feel safe when they interact with your website.

6. Meta Description and Key Words: The meta Description is the one linked directly to the content; it’s like a summary, a short message to the users that gives them an idea about the offer and its benefits. Why is this description so important? Because it appears in the search results and on the social media. It wouldn’t be so effective if one irrelevant message that calls for action is being shared on Facebook, LinkedIn, Tweeter, Google +, where millions of users may see it and get the wrong impression.

Finally, some recommendations about the form that should be fiilled out in order to convert:

  • Make it visible, so the users don’t need to scroll down the page to find it;
  • Use the form to classify, not only to get some basic information: shorter forms gives you a bigger number of fillings, but a fewer quantity of information about your user(name, email adress and that’s all!). On the other hand, longer forms contain fields like: Company, Position, Number of employees etc, information that could give you more qualitative insights and leads.

It’s nice how many things you can accomplish by paying attention to just a few elements on your landing page, right? Will you try to apply any of these tips? Need help with it? With Omniconvert you can do it: test, optimize, convert. Write to us for any questions at https://www.omniconvert.com/contact